Am I Getting Bigger or are Things Getting Smaller?

We’re all aware of ongoing inflation, but the other side of that is “shrinkflation” – companies selling the same product at the same price while making it smaller.

I’ve been seeing in real time the prices of pounds of beef and vegetables go up. But the masses of goyim eat out of bags and boxes (and use cleaning products with estrogenic chemicals), and it is very easy to deceive people this way.

This process is so dishonest that the fact that it is legal shows that our government is an absolute sham. This is actual fraud, and it should be prosecuted as such.

Shrinkflation includes techniques such as:

  • Shrinking the total quantity of the product while leaving the package the same size
  • Removing parts of the product (hollow brownies)
  • Slowly, over time, shrinking the product in a way that is largely unnoticeable

If any of these companies had to explain this, they would say that the cost of producing goods is getting more expensive (which is true). If the government was asked about it, they would say it’s to fight obesity.

The fact that the media and government have convinced people it is safe to eat packaged food and the fact that packaged food is so easy to rip people off with are not unrelated facts.

The only people who eat real food are rich people and right-wing fitness extremists, and it doesn’t matter if they notice that prices have doubled. Rich people don’t care and right-wing extremists are banned from the internet.

4chan has collected a series of images of shrinkflation. Amazingly, many of the pictures – most of which seem recent – show the shrunken product being sold right alongside its formerly sized product.