Always Octuple Down: Pelosi Says She’s Doing FOIA Request for Kavanaugh FBI File

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 7, 2018

So I guess the main issue of the Democrat platform for the midterms is going to be this discredited rape hoax.

Doing the rape hoax, then doing the FBI investigation didn’t do the job, so now they want to litigate the FBI investigation itself. It was obvious this was coming as soon as they started saying the FBI didn’t do a long enough investigation.

These are the same people who say Mueller’s investigation should never end. The never-ending fishing expedition is the best friend of the witch hunt.

I can’t imagine that continuing to roll around in their own loss is going to be good for the Democrats. I would have said something like “it’s time to move forward…”

But they have doubled-down so many times on this, it’s just instinctive.

Pelosi was the voice of reason previously, so the fact that they’re having her figurehead this is telling of just how far out their internal communications have gotten. Of course, Feinstein couldn’t figurehead it, because people are calling on her to be investigated for leaking the Ford file.

If the FBI report is released, it will obviously say what we’re told it says, but presumably they think there is some thing they can point to in it to keep this issue going in the media for the next month. Or they think they can start a big public argument with the FBI about releasing it.

What they clearly believe is that there was a lot of energy behind the Kavanaugh attacks, and that they can use that energy for the midterms. So the goal is to keep the hype going for four more weeks.

It’s a pretty tough sale.