Always Check Your Cartop Carrier for Blacks

If you’re going camping this summer, remember to check your cartop carrier for black stowaways.

You never know what you’ll find in there.

One unfortunate British family found a couple of blacks.

The Scottish Sun:

This is the moment a furious Brit discovered two migrants hiding in his car roof box

The pair, both 16 and from Eritrea and Guinea, had broken into the box of a Brit-registered BMW in Calais hoping to reach Britain – but ended up heading 100 miles further back into France.

But the Midlands couple in the car had only just arrived and the migrants only realised when they jumped out at a French motorway services.

Footage of the incident shows the fuming family accusing the migrants of breaking the roof box and asking whether they’d stolen anything.

“What the f*** are you doing, you c***,” the man named ‘Colin’ says before telling one to “get out of my sight”.

His shocked partner can be heard panicking that the pair had taken the couple’s keys before claiming items had been removed from the roof box to make space for the two stowaways.

“Where’s all our stuff… empty your pockets”, Colin shouts.

The couple later find their laptops inside their car but can be heard saying “the wood’s all gone” and the migrants try to avoid the camera.

It’s so funny the way the blacks just shrugged and walked off into the woods.

Pretty darn alpha if you ask me.

In other news, in vulgar Britain, the aptly and pleasantly named “cartop carrier” is called a “car roof box.”

The more I hear about British names for things, the less sympathy I have. Let me just tell you that.

But no man deserves to have blacks in his car top carrier. Even if he calls it a car roof box like a Philistine with zero grasp of how the English language is supposed to sound.