Alternative for Germany Politician Commits Ultimate Evil by Posting Anti-Jew Simpsons Photo on Facebook

Daily Slave
October 1, 2014

The face of evil – Jan-Ulrich Weiss committed the worst crime since 60 trillion Jews were turned into bars of soap by posting an anti-Jew photo with a Simpsons character on Facebook.

In what is now becoming known as a second holocaust, a politician from the Alternative for Germany party named Jan-Ulrich Weiss posted a picture of Jew banker Jacob Rothschild next to a photo of the Simpsons cartoon character Mr. Burns on Facebook.  This ultimate act of evil which is obviously far worse than Israeli Jews killing thousands of Palestinian women and children, has resulted in his dismissal from the party.

This is clearly the worst thing to happen since 60 trillion Jews were turned into bars of soap by Adolf Hitler.  Hopefully further action will be taken against this evil racist Jew hating Nazi.

Arutz Sheva:

Top officials in a new German party are rushing to expel one of its members, the Bild reports Tuesday, after he posted an anti-Semitic cartoon on his Facebook page.

The Alternative for Germany, or AfD, recently won several seats in regional legislative bodies.

However, at least one member will not be participating, the party’s branch in eastern Brandenburg state said Monday, after it decided to start expulsion proceedings against Jan-Ulrich Weiss.

Weiss was already excluded from the party’s new 11-member caucus in the state legislature due to the incident, whereby Weiss allegedly posted a caricature reminiscent of the Nazi paper Der Stuermer.

The collage-style cartoon included photos of prominent Jewish banker Jacob Rothschild next to pictures of “Mr. Burns” – the greedy villain of hit TV show The Simpsons. German newspapers refused to print the offensive post, but it quickly made the rounds on social media.

The post immediately sparked strong reprimands from both the Left Party and the Green Party, according to the Bild, until AfD took action.

Opponents say that the post proves that the party – which focuses on a euroskeptic stance and tough views on crime and immigration – is yet anotherfunction of extreme right wing politics growing in the EU.

“AfD’s bourgeois facade is crumbling more and more – after xenophobic sentiments, there are now even blatant anti-Semitism and right-wing conspiracy theories coming to light,” Green Party leader Alex Vogel fumed.