“Alt-Right” Shamed by Colin Liddell’s Bizarre Attack on The Daily Stormer

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 9, 2015

Colin Liddell has some theories.
Colin Liddell has some theories.

When I received the below Tweet, I had not thought it was actually Collin Liddell. He has been rude and weird in his attacks on me in the past, but I had to assume that this sort of thing was below him.

Upon looking at the Twitter account, and realizing that it was indeed Liddell, I again gave the benefit of the doubt in my mind, assuming he was perhaps drunk, or simply having a very bad day (both things do happen to the best of us).

When I was linked to the article that he had created this image for on Alternative Right, I was shocked. The piece, entitled “JOINING THE DOTS ON ANDREW ANGLIN,” is a rambling, bizarre personal attack, wherein an outrageous conspiracy theory about me is presented. Though the piece is framed as a response to my criticism of Richard Spencer, there is virtually no mention of anything that I presented in the piece.

Liddell begins by openly bragging that he attempted to use the New York Times, arguably the most powerful Jewish media outlet in the world, to attack me and promote Richard Spencer. After I refused to engage the journalist, Stephanie Saul, who had repeatedly emailed me, began looking for people who had written about me, and found Liddell.

Opening with this, he quickly descends into a childlike name-calling tirade, accusing me of being secretly Black.

But what struck me about Saul’s overtures was that she seemed mainly interested in talking about the Daily Stormer. This is what first alerted me to the fact that the article was not actually going to be about White Nationalism, because the Stormer is not White Nationalism.

But why did Saul come to me? The reason is that she naively figured I would be good for some useful quotes, having written extensively on Andrew Anglin and the Stormer in a number of articles here, here, and here (read them, they’re fun). She was looking for quotes that would allow her to build the Stormer up into the centerpiece of her article and the face of White Nationalism. It is not and never could be.

Those articles were written last year, my main post responding to them is here.

Naturally I sensed this and took a conscious decision to frustrate her intentions by playing down the Stormer, telling her it was just a childish troll site (certainly its modus operandi) and that none of what it said should be taken at face value. I then recommended that she pay more attention to the The Right Stuff and The Daily Shoah, a much more engaging and effective form of White Nationalist trolling/humour/debate, and certainly funnier and better informed than the dreary formulaic “Heil Hitler” boilerplate churned out by the boring Mr. Anglin. TRS is also run by people I can vouch for, as they don’t avoid interactions on the internet, unlike Anglin who remains a suspiciously elusive personality.

Perhaps the most forthcoming bit of Anglinia (yes, sounds like a nasty infection) was the recent interview he did with Red Ice Radio, where he came across as a much milder and low-energy guy than his image as the reincarnation as Julius Streicher – another baldy like Anglin, but one that didn’t look quite so much like an octoroon as Anglin, who no doubt shaves off his frizz. (Was it my imagination or did Anglin flinch when Lana in her breezily toneless English-as-a-second-language sort of way referred to Blacks as “monkeys?” Well, listen for yourself.)

I am a secret Black and I shave off my frizz and am offended by people calling Blacks monkeys.

Liddell includes this illustration to support his theory that I am secretly Black.
Liddell includes this illustration to support his theory that I am secretly Black.

Wow. Just wow.

He then expands his conspiracy theory by inadvertently complimenting my phenomenal output.

One of the things that is most suspicious about Anglin is his supposed work rate. Go to the site yourself and count how many articles, purportedly written by Anglin, appear every day. While a lot of these articles are just copy and paste reworkings of normal news items with a bit of Heil Hitler schtick thrown in, some of them, like his recent hit piece on Richard Spencer and the NPI conference, are of considerable length. I’m a fast writer, but I could not manage that kind of output even if I made my articles as boilerplate boring as Anglin’s and took plenty of speed.

The only rational explanation for this is that Anglin is more than a one-man band, but who are the other nameless members of his troll gang and who are the paymasters? These are questions that are not likely to be answered, but are questions that should be forever kept in view when dealing with the topic of the Stormer. From now on, to emphasize this hidden workforce, I will only refer to Anglin in the plural.

So I’m secretly a Black man who works for Jews and has a team of people writing my pieces. He knows this because I shave my head and write too much for a mortal man.

This is now not simply a series of personal insults, but a full-on tinfoil hat-tier conspiracy theory.

Who is he trying to sell this to? He prides himself on appealing to an allegedly more intelligent demographic than I appeal to, and yet I cannot imagine anyone with an IQ over 90 buying into something like this.

Presumably, he does not actually believe it himself, but believes that he can convince others it is true.

We see that he believes tricking and lying to people is the best method to convince people of things when he does briefly address a real criticism I have of the Richard Spencer approach – that he downplays the Jewish issue, and attempts to pander to the Jewish media, regardless of the fact they will call him a Nazi whatever he says.

An impartial reader might think the Anglins have a point and that, yes, White Nationalists should completely insulate themselves from the media, but the Anglins only have a point if one assumes (a) that Spencer is completely naive about ethnocentric Jews, (b) that most Whites are not put off by Streicher-esque “gas the Kikes” anti-Semitism, and (c) that the media is an irrelevance.

Here again he is either misunderstanding or pretending to misunderstand what I have said.


(a) I don’t think that Spencer ignorant of the Jewish problem, I believe he purposefully downplays it both because he is connected to Jews such as Paul Gottfried, feels the donor-base may be offended by more aggressive anti-Semitism and perhaps because he genuinely believes the general public will be more attracted to him if he never has a definite, clear position on anything.

(b) “Gas the kikes,” which is repeated continually by Liddell as the core of my presentation, is a joke from /pol/. It is generally followed by “race war now.” The purpose of it is to demystify the Holocaust myth through mockery of the entire narrative – both the fable of gas chambers, as well as the image of “Nazis” as evil genocidal maniacs.

And yes, I do think young people are open to mockery of the Holocaust, demonization and outright dehumanization of Jews. One would think the popularity of this site demonstrates that. It is basic human nature to desire to put blame on an external force for the problems of the group, and it just so happens that this external force is actually demonstrably responsible for our problems.

(c) The mainstream media is indeed irrelevant to me, but then I am sitting on a site with millions of unique visitors a month. I am not opposed to someone using the media to their own ends, what I am opposed to is pandering, apologies and backtracking. I also find the idea that you are going to trick the Jewish media into supporting you (or at least not being as hard on you) by lying to them to be utterly nonsensical.

This is the one paragraph where he actually attempts to directly counter an argument I’ve made:

I know Richard pretty well by now, as do many others in our movement, and none of us would ever call Richard naive on the JQ. As for the palatability of Streicher-esque anti-Semitism, it is certainly palatable for many White Nationalists – indeed in-itself it hardly bothers me as history is full of unsavoury characters and I rather like history – but for other Whites, not to mention those Jews who might want to identify as Whites and help our cause (and there are some), it is certainly a different story.

What he is apparently saying is that Spencer knows the Jews are at the root of the disease which has infected Western civilization, but believes it better to deceive people because they might get offended by the truth. I have absolutely no idea whether or not this is Spencer’s actual belief, but this is how Liddell is framing it.

He then indicates that we need to be very conscious of the fact that there are good Jews who may support us if we are nice to them. I don’t know how to respond to that, except to say that I disagree, and do not believe pandering to the “good White Jews who support us” should ever, at any point, enter the mind of any White activist.

Liddell concludes:

Knowing what I know, and parsimoniously deducing what I don’t know, I conclude that the Daily Stormer is a fake White Nationalist site, created by our enemies in order to soak up White Nationalist resources and sentiment and deploy them towards self-ghettozing those Whites already aware of their interests, and thus separating them from those who aren’t. The actions of the Anglins, however many there turn out to be, point unerringly in that direction.

The idea that I am alienating people with my methodology is not in itself offensive, and may be worth discussing. I would of course be open to considering this. However, the entire conspiracy theory becomes superfluous in the context of such a discussion, as the ideas and their outcome should be able to be judged on their own merit by anyone with normal intelligence. Saying “I think it’s because he’s secretly a nigger who works for Jews” draws attention to the fact he is incapable of properly formulating a criticism of my work, as I believe I have done with Spencer’s positions (right or wrong, I was respectful and voiced genuine ideas).

Hilariously, under the conclusion that I am soaking up White Nationalist resources, there is a PayPal button. I have been banned from PayPal as well as every other popular payment system for over a year.

PayPal huh? Must be nice.
PayPal huh? Must be nice.

Radix is also able to accept donations using PayPal.

Right now, I function exclusively on Bitcoin and cash through the mail contributions. Heidi Baruch of the SPLC has bragged about shutting down my PayPal account.

Just a bit of real talk here: I function on an incredibly small amount of money. And to be perfectly honest, I don’t even care. All of my personal energy is involved in stopping these Jews, and as long as I have money for food and lodging, I don’t even think about it.

Funny though that secret Black secret agents of the Jews would be banned from using PayPal while the one true force to fight the enemies of Whites would be openly using this service without a problem.

Pretending He has No Idea What’s Going On

Liddell was apparently trying to pretend he was not aware that much of the content on this site is intended to be humorous in nature. However, in the comments section he admits that he knows we are joking, but he just doesn’t think it’s funny. He does think TRS is funny, however, and this is a site which has two podcasts named for Holocaust jokes – “Between Two Lampshades” (for Colin: this is a reference to the claim that Nazis made lampshades out of Jewish skin) and “The Daily Shoah” (for Colin: “Shoah” is the Hebrew word for “Holocaust”).

This is the Twitter avatar used by TRS:


(For Colin: Yes, that is an oven, and yes, it is being used as a joke about Hitler incinerating Jews.)

In the comments section he even goes so far as to say he approves of /pol/, which is obviously the source of most (read: all) of my material.

The fact that he endorses sites that use Holocaust humor aggressively, but condemns me for doing that exact thing (in fact, that appears to be his only non-conspiracy theory related complaint), presumably demonstrates beyond any shadow of a doubt that whatever his issue here is (I’m not clear on this), it is personal, and not ideological. Thus the lack of any real attempt to say anything at all in this long article he’s produced.

Who knows – maybe his reasoning in supporting TRS and attacking me is that he knows I wouldn’t agree to go to a conference with an open homosexual presenter and not talk about Jews?

Also in the comments section, where well over 95% of people were disagreeing (much of it was “I’m no fan of Anglin, but…”), both RamZPaul and Greg Johnson disagreed.

Neither of these people presumably like me very much, but neither do they wish to be associated with this sort of weird attack, and (also presumably) fear that they will be if they don’t denounce it, given that Liddell is a part of their clique.

RamZPaul endorsing me as sometimes funny means more than Johnson saying I’m not funny.

I do think I’m funny.

For the record, because this has come up, I do write all the articles with my name on them. If it doesn’t have my name, I didn’t write it.

Also, to RamZPaul’s point about me turning around and accusing Liddell of being a secret agent because he called me a secret agent – I have not and won’t do that, given that the entire concept is ridiculous and nonsensical. Clearly, if someone is a secret agent, they are going to be pushing ideas which are destructive to the movement, but a person pushing destructive ideas does not necessarily mean they are a secret agent.

As such, my position is that (short of someone being publicly outed as a fed) the only thing that is ever appropriate to address are the ideas themselves.

I don’t have this idea simply because I don’t want to look as ridiculous as Liddell presently looks, but because I genuinely believe there is nothing to be gained by throwing around wild accusations.

For those interested, the comments section on that article is still open, though being heavily censored by Liddell. He says it’s because people disagreeing with him have “said enough.”


The Irony of This

The weirdest – and perhaps most hilarious – aspect of this fit Liddell has thrown is that his basic position is that I am not professional enough to meet his standards. He then attacks my alleged lack of professionalism by saying “he’s a secret nigger working for Jews – I know this because he shaves his head and types really fast.”

As anyone who reads my work is aware, I would never attack anyone in this way. Not because it is merely “unprofessional,” but because it is disgusting and vulgar, and I maintain a higher level of self-respect than would allow me to sink to that level.

What is perhaps even more ironic is that his reasoning for attacking me appears to be my popularity, while his criticism is based on the idea that I will never be popular.

The Numbers are In

I believe that actions should be taken in light of data. I am not psychologically married to Holocaust humor or pictures of Hitler. The reason that I use these methods is because I believe they work, in that they attack the core basis of Jewish power, which is the demonstrably nonsensical mythology surrounding WWII. What’s more, they have been demonstrated to work. This site gets hundreds of times more traffic than Radix Journal or Alternative Right.

These numbers, bro: Unique visitors, not pageviews.
These numbers, bro: Unique visitors, not pageviews.

I am genuinely incapable of comprehending how one could look at the disparity in popularity between my presentation and that of the “Alt-Right,” and determine that mine is less “palatable.” Objectively, this position is false, based on existing data.

Valid analogy: Imagine someone telling you "McDonald's will never be popular, it will always be Burger King that people prefer."
Valid analogy: Imagine someone telling you “McDonald’s fries will never be popular, it will always be Burger King’s that people prefer.”

And yes, I have based my methodology on the propaganda strategy of the Third Reich (modified with modern American humor), because this was a scientific strategy. The Alt-Right argument is that times have changed, and that emotionally-charged, raw, simplified truth, focusing on the demonization of the other as a primal enemy, no longer works. But their argument cannot be demonstrated, or even explained (if it could be explained, Liddell would have focused on that instead of a typing-speed conspiracy theory about me being a secret team of Black Jewish secret agents).

I am fully open to genuine criticism, and if data can be produced demonstrating that their methodology is more effective than mine, I would have no problem admitting I was wrong. Right now, however, virtually the entire White web is criticizing NPI in much harsher terms than I am, and there is no evidence that the conference served to spread the message to people who had previously been uninterested, or even that the media they attempted to use to spread their message communicated that message to a single individual.

In my view, this “times have changed” line of reasoning is not actually based on anything, given that basic human psychology – which is what propaganda is designed to deal with – has not changed.

An Embarrassment to the Entire “Alt-Right”

Looking at this article, and the backlash Colin Liddell has already gotten, I genuinely feel embarrassed for him as an individual and the entire crowd associated with him. This is not the image you want, that whenever someone offers genuine criticism of you, someone from your group photoshops them into a nigger.

Liddell is, of course, an individual, and I have no problem accepting that he was acting entirely alone when he decided to produce this defamatory gibberish.

However, Liddell is very close with Richard Spencer. They do a podcast together several times a month. What has happened here would be analogous to my colleague Sven Longshanks publishing an article saying that Richard Spencer was a secret Black working for Jews. If this were to happen, I would not only completely cut-off the working relationship with Sven, but I would come out and publicly distance myself from him and the statements.

I have asked Richard Spencer several times on Twitter if he will be distancing himself from this, and he has not yet responded.

Liddell is also sometimes published on The Occidental Observer, which is a site I have only the greatest respect for.

It will be interesting to see how this is dealt with by the larger whole of this group, as any sort of endorsement of irate personal attacks on Whites who you dislike for unclear reasons is possibly worse than the initial criticisms about the way the event itself was handled.

Genuine Criticism

Most of the internet has reacted negatively to the conference, and I think that there is a duty for those involved to at least acknowledge this reality, and further elaborate on what may simply be misinterpretation.

The primary concern appears to be with the inclusion of Jack Donovan as a speaker at the conference. I have only recently become aware of this fact (I had only really read a few of his essays, not paying particular attention), but Jack Donovan is an open homosexual. And he is not particularly modest about it either.

Here’s a post he wrote on the Roosh forum regarding his orientation and sexual behaviors:

Yeah, I’ve been a top for years. I basically fuck men like they are women — but I’m glad that they’re not. I’m banging this jacked rich liberal right now. Probably the best piece of ass I’ve ever had. I’ve had sex with women, but I’ve been with one guy for 14 years, so there is no question of…switching teams…in any meaningful way. He’s a good guy who supports me and my work and always has. I have a dude on the side, but it’s all on the level, and betraying Lucio — who became blood-brothers with me for my second book, and has my initials tattooed (by me) on his arm — because I decided to “explore other ideas for philosophical reasons” would be the homo version of “Eat, Pray Love.”

As far at The Way of Men is concerned: It’s either right or it isn’t. A lot of the ideas came from conversations with my straight friends about their frustrations with their lives. It’s not about me “converting” people. Let’s be real. I’m a jacked tattooed guy who is more or less a skinhead. Do you for a moment think I can’t get laid? The reality is I can post a pic to a hookup app and have someone blowing me inside of 3 hours. I’ll be able to pull prime ass from dudes with daddy issues for the next 10 years.

I don’t need to creep on straight guys to get laid, and everything I’ve ever written on the subject would make it unforgivable for me to do so.

There are other posts on the Roosh forum (and presumably elsewhere on the internet) where Donovan talks in explicit terms about gay sex.

Surely, people have a right to ask (without being photoshopped as a Black): Is someone who brags about “fucking men like they were women” and pulling “prime ass from dudes with daddy issues” someone we want as a leader in the White movement?

Jack Donovan at the 2013 NPI conference
Jack Donovan at the 2013 NPI conference

We are also left wondering if Donovan was invited in spite of his sexuality or because of it. Was this merely “ah it’s just one guy and he isn’t flaming so it’s not a big deal,” or was it part of an attempt to redirect the narrative towards homosexualism? It seems to me that unless you purposefully wanted to alienate the traditionally-minded wing of the White movement (or perhaps make a statement of “tolerance” to the Jewish media), the potential benefits of having Donovan speak would be outweighed by the implicit (explicit?) endorsement of open homosexuality as a part of the “New Right.”

Spencer himself has written that he wishes to include people who are “passionate about gay issues,”
indicating that those who are disrespectful to homosexuals will be banned from his conferences.

Our conferences will include people who hold many different views on religious, social, sexual, historical, and political matters. We do not exclude anyone for, say, being a Buddhist, Pagan, Catholic, or atheist, or for being passionate about gay issues or thinking that they are not important. We hope that such questions can be discussed respectfully at our conferences.

NPI will, however, exclude those who show reckless disregard with the media, or those who’ve made morally indefensible public statements. Such people make our movement look bad. We choose not to grant them a platform. It’s as simple as that.

Obviously, I am not the only person who is going to take issue with all of this.

The queer problem is one of the few issues that the White American public still feels compelled to oppose.
The queer problem is one of the few issues that the White American public still feels compelled to oppose.

People were also bothered by the way Spencer dealt with the media. Though there were many cringe-worthy bits within the Huffington Post and Daily Beast articles that were written on the event, this bit in both pieces was especially frustrating:

From the former:

“The Jews exist precisely because they were apart, precisely because they had, maybe you could say, a bit of paranoia about trying to stay away — please don’t quote paranoia,” Spencer said.

From the latter:

Spencer tried to phrase his thoughts on the whiteness of Jewish people carefully. “The Jews exist precisely because they were apart,” he said. “Precisely because they had a sense of apartness—perhaps you could say a little bit of paranoia, about trying to stay away. That’s a clear aspect of Jewish—”

Then he caught himself. Jewish paranoia is an old anti-Semitic trope, and Spencer didn’t want to come across to the press like some old Nazi. He’s young and articulate and handsome in a generic way, a bit like a local TV weatherman. His aim is to give fascism a human face.

“Please don’t quote ‘paranoia,’” he said with a nervous smile, as he glared at the three journalists who showed up at his press conference Saturday afternoon.

That is open backtracking on the Jewish question before the Jewish media that Spencer invited to the event.

This is the header image that the Daily Beast used for the article on the conference:


What this appears to indicate (yet again) is that no matter how hard you try to pander to Jews and their media, you will be portrayed as a Nazi/KKK/genocidal maniac. This makes it very hard to accept in the abstract the concept that it is important to try to trick the media. I just simply cannot grasp the logic being employed here.

As quoted above, Liddell claims that Spencer understands the Jewish problem but doesn’t make it a primary focus because he thinks Whites (and “Jews who might want to identify as Whites and help our cause” – can’t forget those) will not accept a message which focuses on Jews. However, if the only place Whites are going to hear this message is via the Daily Beast and the Huffington Post, even if it is true that people prefer a message which doesn’t include Jews as the focal point, it doesn’t matter because everything they hear from Spencer will be framed within “he’s actually lying and trying to trick people” – which according to Liddell is an accurate description of what he is doing.

My ideas on the lack of appeal of a message seemingly designed to alienate normal people was included in my previous piece on this topic (here, again), so I won’t rehash that, but it is worth responding to the Liddell meme that I am “ghettoizing White Nationalism.”

If this is an accurate claim, there needs to be data to support it, and I am not seeing any such data. The numbers themselves say quite a bit about what people are interested in, and this entire revolt against the NPI conference which is taking place across the internet certainly appears to indicate that if anyone is “ghettoizing,” it is the NPI crowd.

Of course, maybe this is wrong, and I just don’t get it. But if that is the case, I cannot expect Colin Liddell to explain to me what I don’t get, as he has made it clear that all he is interested in is name-calling and conspiracy theories.

In Conclusion…

I want to state clearly that I am not arguing here that Spencer is “hurting the movement” with his conferences. Unlike Liddell, who blames me for his own lack of appeal, I believe that I and those I associate with have enough agency that our actions are not limited by the actions of others who identify as pro-White. I will continue to speak frankly about my views on homosexuals and Jews and work with and endorse others who do the same, and for the foreseeable future The Daily Stormer will remain the most popular pro-White website.

I would be lying if I said that I was not concerned about outlets such as Red Ice and TRS being co-opted by a new form of White nationalism which embraces homosexualism and avoids open discussion of Jews, but these people are adults and their decisions on this matter are none of my business.

Ideally, I would like to see Richard Spencer and the rest of this “alt-right” crowd alter their methods and adopt something which is more geared toward populism. It wouldn’t take much, all things considered, and I will continue to hope this happens.

Either this will or won't work.
Either this will or won’t work.

I am not the type to hold a grudge. I don’t even feel angry at Liddell for attacking me in this weird way. I am not an emotionally-driven person. All I want to do is stop what is happening with these Jews, period. I have no other interests, and certainly don’t care about the personal feelings of people I have never met.

It is also worth noting, just for the record, that I never had the intention to become as popular as I have become. This is just something which happened as a result of me being myself. I have never had the intention, as Liddell contends, of being the “face of White Nationalism.” My entire adult life (since I was in my late teens), I have used the internet to voice what I thought was correct, and many of my earlier views were very different, as is often the case with people in their teens up through their twenties. A drive to publicly state what I believe to be true is a part of my personality.

Beyond this, I have no desire to be any sort of political leader, so I am not at all fit to be the “face of White Nationalism.” In a perfect world, I would be endorsing and working for the goals of a political leader who has modeled himself after David Duke. Richard Spencer could become that person, but he is not currently that person. Currently, besides David Duke, who is not presently active in politics, there is no person of the caliber of David Duke around to endorse, but I do my best to endorse whoever is politically active who shares my value system.

My one goal is to stop the Jews by spreading the message of what they are doing to us. I am only a man, and cannot be expected to do everything right, but I do my best.

And that is what I’ll keep doing until they put a bullet through my head.

Hail Victory.