Alt-Right Mission: Creating a Subculture Which Becomes the Dominant Culture

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 24, 2016

We constantly hear about how retarded Americans are about world events, and how Europeans are so much more clever, but here you have street interviews with Germans in Munich who know absolutely nothing about what is going on in The Ukraine.

They vaguely believe Putin is to blame for whatever it is that is going on, but they aren’t able to describe what it is that is going on.

Munich to Kiev is less than half the distance of New York to LA, and I know for a fact that if there was a war in LA, people in New York would know more about it than these Germans know about the war in The Ukraine.


Superior American global awareness confirmed.

Yesterday, we reported that Merkel is plotting to reintroduce military conscription to fight a war against Russia, and the main stated reason for this is Putin’s alleged “aggression” towards the Ukrainians.

You would think that people on the verge of being sent to a war would want to have some idea what it was about. But that isn’t really the way people work. Our brains are standard-issue machines, and one of the traits of our neurological systems is that we tend to go along with what everyone else seems to be going along with. In the age of mass media, people go along with what they are told to go along with, because their subconscious minds interpret what they see on the media as objective.

This is the main reason democracy is such a ridiculous concept. The masses are not each the Libertarian ideal of the rational man. If they were, we wouldn’t even be in the situation we are in in the first place, which in my mind has always created a big problem with the Libertarian image of man as rational being. The fact that Libertarians are out there trying to establish a Libertarian society means that they are wrong in believing it is possible, as if they were correct about the nature of man, it would already exist.


The Libertarian movement is also going on and on about how people need to “wake up.” But the fact is, even if you can convince an average person of certain facts during the course of a conversation, they will quickly disregard these facts and regress to the norm as soon as they are surrounded by people who accept the norm.

Because that is human nature – to go along with those around us.

This comes from our evolution are tribal, social beings, who required the approval of the group for survival. It isn’t especially complicated, and it is shocking the amount of people who are willing to simply ignore this reality that we see all around us. Human beings are not comfortable or happy unless they are a part of a group, sharing values and beliefs.


We evolved as tribal, collectivist beings. Not as free market capitalists.

Facts don’t really matter much to human beings, because human beings are not the Libertarian ideal of the rational man, they are instead collectivist creatures which will always seek acceptance by and consensus with the group.

The Solution to Fixing Society in the Face of Man’s Irrationality

The solution for dealing with this problem which I have pursued and which I believe is correct is to create a subculture – that is, a separate community with its own social order and accepted ideological norms.

If we have this subculture, people can exist within this, and continue to to feel as though they are going along with the beliefs and prejudices of the group. The goal, in the long-term, is to then force this subculture to become the dominant culture.

This is exactly how the Jews took over society, overwriting our culture within their own. It began following WWII, with the infiltration of our systems, then really kicked-off in the 1960’s. First, they started a youth movement, using their dominance of entertainment and universities. As the momentum grew, they continued to gain acceptability, and eventually, their “counter-culture” became the dominant culture.

We are doing this now, using the internet as our medium to force cultural memes. And we are having overwhelming levels of success.

The term “Alt-Right” is now entering common language, with the label being affixed to our Presidential candidate, Donald Trump. The mainstream media is now covering us regularly, treating the topic seriously rather than dismissing us as evil. Hillary is supposed to give a speech about us tomorrow.


They’ve even organized a Jewish homosexual to attempt to co-opt the movement and force out the anti-Semitic element.

Everything is going exactly according to plan.

The “Alt-Right” Name

I read comments from people, constantly, flipping-out about the term “Alt-Right,” claiming that if we use this term it means we have accepted the agenda of those trying to co-opt the term.

Yo – check your autism.

Words are words.

It doesn’t matter what we call anything, only what benefits a particular name can offer to our agenda. In my mind – and in the minds of virtually everyone I know who is involved in the movement – the term “Alt-Right” is just a convenient re-labeling of what was historically labeled “Neo-Nazi White Supremacy.”

This is how the Jews view it, and this is how I view it.

Right now, there is a battle for this term, with various groups attempting to co-opt it. The media is decidedly focusing on elements of the movement which are not critical of the Jews, many of which are actually friendly towards Jews. However, by standing our ground, we make the term refer to something anti-Semitic.

There is absolutely nothing to be gained from being too cool for school in this situation and saying “I’m not Alt-Right I’M THE REAL NATIONAL SOCIALISM.” All that does is allow (((them))) to steal ground we’ve captured.

You can see exactly what they’re doing. They refer to Twitter trolls – all of whom hate the Jews – and then say “well, Milo is their leader.” They are attempting to funnel our energy into this Jew, as well as other Jew-friendly elements, so they can confront us on their terms.

I won’t allow this, which is why I will continue to identify as Alt-Right.


The man-on-the-street video above is from Graham Phillips YouTube channel. I recommend subscribing to that. I’m not sure what his politics are – and that’s a good place for a journalist to be in, albeit a very rare place these days. It’s the same with Tim Pool (Charlie LeDuff is trying, but he’s just too much of a liberal for it to work).

A few people are currently attempting to do objective media, but none of the main companies will support them, because no one has any interest in this sort of media. And by “no one,” I mean the public as well as the media companies themselves. Theoretically, journalistic ethics should be kept up even if the public doesn’t want them – media should report the straight facts, regardless of how well it sells. At least media companies which claim objectivity should.

But they don’t.

The Associated Press is supposed to be objective, but they do the same thing, catering to biases. In their story yesterday exposing Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play Clinton Foundation scandal, they downplayed what is commonly called “corruption” as “ethics challenges.” Part of this is a result of corruption on their part, as they are part of the liberal Jewish media establishment, but part of it is also not wanting to offend the public with normal, factual terminology which may be considered triggering.

Obviously, there is also a place for sites like the Daily Stormer, or, on the other side, Slate and The Daily Beast, but that type of biased presentation is now passing for objective news.

Tim Pool recently did a video about this situation which I found insightful.