Alt-Right Candidate Corey Stewart Almost Wins Virginia GOP Primary

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
June 16, 2017

Against all the odds, Alt-Right endorsed Virginia gubernatorial candidate Corey Stewart came within one point of defeating cuck-backed traitor Ed Gillespie in the GOP primary.

Stewart made national headlines by openly campaigning besides elements of the Alt-Right, such as former Daily Caller reporter Jason Kessler.

Stewart’s campaign was a long-shot. Until recently, he was behind Gillespie by double-digits in polls and heavily maligned in the Judenpresse. Thanks to large donations from neocon figures like Carly Fiorina and George W. Bush, along with help from DC suburb businessmen, Gillespie’s country club friends stuffed his pockets with five times the amount of money Stewart had.

While still a factor, outspending your opponent is no longer the magic bullet for killing pro-white ideas that it was when David Duke ran against Edwin Edwards in the early 90s. Thanks to the democratization of information on the web voters have become more discerning with their vote, which is why the Ryan/Reagan/Bush Jew-bought wing of the Republican party has no future.

The Jews in the media are angry and confused about this graze. Here is (((Alex Kaplan’s))) take.

Media Matters:

A Virginia Republican gubernatorial candidate who was backed by, and affiliated with, segments of the “alt-right” media nearly won the state’s June 13 gubernatorial primary.

Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, narrowly lost to front-runner Ed Gillespie, former chairman of Republican National Committee (RNC), by only slightly more than a percentage point.

Stewart, who was Virginia state co-chairman of President Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, heavily courted the “alt-right” during his campaign, which he announced in April 2016. While he was the co-chair, Stewart wrote multiple pieces for “alt-right”-promoting website Breitbart. Shortly after he was fired from his position in October for taking part in a protest against the RNC, Stewart gave an interview to Mike Cernovich, an “alt-right”-affiliated troll who has a history of promoting conspiracy theories. During the interview, Cernovich said that “he calls establishment Republicans ‘cucks’ because “they like to see Trump get screwed over by the media, that’s what they get off on.” Stewart replied, “Yeah, I would agree.” The term “cuck,” short for “cuckservative,” is widely used within “alt-right” circles.

During his campaign, Stewart also criticized the city of Charlottesville’s plan to remove a statue of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee, going to rallies to protest the city’s action. He also responded to his critics by tweeting, “Nothing is worse than a Yankee telling a Southerner that his monuments don’t matter.” Richard Spencer, a white nationalist who originally created the term “alt-right,” subsequently led a group of “torch-wielding protesters” in the city to protest removal of the statue. Stewart was the only candidate to not directly condemn Spencer’s protest. Stewart’s stand earned him praise from “alt-right” outlets and figures: The neo-Nazi and “alt-right”-affiliated blog The Daily Stormer wrote that Stewart’s actions showed “how you win the game” and “how we go mainstream,” while Occasional Dissent, a blog run by anti-Semitic writer Hunter Wallace, claimed that Stewart was taking a “stand for Dixie.”

So this guy didn’t go all the way, but he had no problem publicly campaigning with openly pro-white figures. The cause of defending the General Robert E. Lee statue in Charlottesville was originally championed by Richard Spencer, Matthew Heimbach and others in our camp.

This result shows there is a wide audience and electoral base out there for our ideas, especially if we get creative and get our message out around the censors. With that said, expect Sheldon Adelson to pay your local Republican party to make it harder for non-Kosher candidates to challenge favorites.

Stewart’s struggle didn’t pan out as we had hoped, but this was a learning experience and a message to all the detestable cuckolds out there. It shows that an underdog can help his chances by working with us “untouchables,” while a well-funded hack condemning us like Gillespie crawls to the finish line wheezing thanks to having to carry a two-ton Kike on his back.