Alt-Right Alabama Youth Fired from Fire Department, Expelled from Fraternity

Daily Stormer
March 18, 2017

Good troll, but use a pseudonym next time, bro.

There have been some significant repercussions for a college junior who grew up in Somerset County who sent racist and violent messages via the dating app Tinder.

“Violent messages.”

Wow, fake news much? Saying you don’t like Black people isn’t “violent.” It’s certainly not a threat. Anyway, it’s pretty clear he was just trolling in these text messages, or was piss-drunk.

Don’t use Tinder while drunk, kids.

Kyle Harcourt, a 20-year-old University of Alabama student from Basking Ridge, resigned from the Liberty Corner Fire Company after being told his behavior was unacceptable; had his actions condemned by a Tinder vice president and had his apology rejected by the student with whom he exchanged the racially-charged messages.

Yeah, he obviously shouldn’t have apologized. It never does anything for you. Even the slut who ratted him out snubbed him on his apology. He could at least have maintained his dignity by refusing to apologize.

Oh well, he’s only 20, he’ll learn.

Immediately after Emi Miller, a 20-year-old junior at Hollins College in Virginia, posted the screen shot on her Twitter page with hashtags to both the University of Alabama and Harcourt’s Sigma Pi Fraternity last Thursday, the fallout started as the post went viral.

This is the SJW whore who’s trying to ruin this young man’s life.

The University of Alabama quickly announced it had initiated a disciplinary review of Harcourt’s statements and condemned them. A short time later, in a tweet, the fraternity said Harcourt’s membership had been terminated.

Harcourt is a 2014 graduate of Ridge High School and recipient of a Monk Scholarship.

A Monk Scholarship, huh? I wonder what that is? Let’s see…

Kyle Harcourt, also a Ridge HS graduate and scholarship winner attended the ceremony with his mother. Kyle has been a volunteer firefighter with the Liberty Corner Fire Company for the past two and a half years. He has answered over 350 calls during his service tenure. Kyle has trained to be a member of the firefighter assist search team (to save trapped firefighters) and was elected Junior Captain by his peers. Kyle was also appointed as an Assistant Foreman in charge of the first due engine by his Chief.

Kyle shared, “I’ve spent over 400 hours training to become a firefighter…I became the Junior Captain when I was seventeen. When I turned 18 I became an interior firefighter, doing everything that no one wants to see, but has to be done. Through becoming a firefighter, I’ve become a part of a brotherhood.”

So this kid has been spending hundreds of hours doing dangerous and important volunteer work for his community (firefighting is no joke), and they throw him under the bus for just a few messages? Disgusting.

We’re starting to have a serious bus problem, here, folks.

People need to start learning the meaning of loyalty again.

Miller said Friday that Harcourt hasn’t reached out to her directly, but that she’s glad he “acknowledged the hurt his actions have caused and has taken responsibility.” But she said she couldn’t accept his apology.

Of course not.

There’s nothing these liberals like more than making White males crawl in front of them, only to spit in their face in return.

Well, I have some bad news for you.

White males are starting to get the message.

And you’re not gonna like what comes next, let me tell you that.

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