Alt-Lite Skanks Scream SHUT IT DOWN as Coal Burning Thot Lauren Southern Patrolled

Daily Stormer
December 4, 2017

Yesterday Tara McCarthy went on an histrionic rant with the backing of all the big name e-skanks on Twitter, demanding the usual feminist shakedown of a code of conduct and obligatory white knighting in the defense of everything that is female and opposes migration, regardless of any other negative behaviors they may exhibit.

Update: screenshots are from the archive. She’s locked her feed.

Firstly, anonymous posters are some of our best. Attacking people for being anonymous and trolling is an instant tell that you have no ground to stand on. I know expecting women to know something is a big ask, but please educate yourself on the hundreds of years of history that pseudonymous trolling is steeped in.

As usual, these women are courting the support of highly respectable men from the older generation with vague claims of “harassment” without actually defining what harassment actually means.

This furious demand didn’t come out of nowhere. Something precipitated it which heralds the absolute end of their subversive schemes. As it turns out, Lauren Southern is a coal burner.

It all started with a cleverly worded tweet featuring photos of her former boyfriend, phrased perfectly to bait a reply from Lauren Southern.

Lauren took the bait, and responded with a justification of her coal burning with a BASED Trump voting nigger!

She deleted the Tweet, but the damage was done. Not only does everyone now know she’s a coal burner, they know that she isn’t even remorseful about it because hey he voted Trump so it’s totally cool right guys? The whole community is piling onto her and telling her what they think of her and all the skanks are collectively freaking out and closing ranks over this, demanding an end to the “harassment” problem. They’re all putting themselves on the highly precarious raft of her miscegenation as it crosses the hazardous seas of public Internet spectacle.

It’s time to sink this boat of filthy undesirables before it reaches our shores and ruins our Internet society.

Real talk: the only reason that Tara McCarthy and all the other e-skanks would want to close ranks on this issue is that they’ve also been gigantic whores who likely got defiled by niggers. One can simply look at McCarthy and know that she’s in her thirties and unmarried and has all the misadventures of any other woman in that situation. I’ve seen some stuff on /pol/ showing that someone looking a whole lot like her was kept in a wealthy man’s home and passed around. You can see the fear in their eyes as they go into a frenzy over this. They are scared to death of their many years of extreme sexual impropriety destroying men’s sexual desire for them, which is the only reason they have a presence in this thing at all.

Those cosplay pictures above are when Southern was actually somewhat attractive with a viable sexual marketplace value. Instead of using those brief years to choose a white mate and begin a family as any woman of reasonable breeding would, she dedicated them to coal burning. As promiscuity, especially of the coal burning variety, takes a severe toll on the physique of women, she is now 22 and she looks worse than well-behaved women do in their thirties.

Lauren was finished whoring herself out to niggers when her SMV got too low to capture their attention and mind share. As an afterthought (and perhaps as an intentional mockery of you) she pivoted into a new market where she found the pastures greener: thirsty and naive right wing millennial men. Despite her rapidly declining looks and total absence of political convictions and personal virtues, all she had to do was parrot slightly right of center rhetoric and men lined up to fawn over her.

You see, when people send money to women like Lauren Southern they are not doing it because of the value of any of their contributions to the cause. They are doing it because there is a deep seated desire amongst all men to be a good provider for a woman. Internet thots are aware of the insane power of this instinct and use it to procure resources from you at no cost to themselves. That instinct in a sane civilization is a virtuous thing, as it would make you a fit provider for a wife who was your property. Here in clown world, it has you digitally throwing dollar bills at a hooker that doesn’t even suck you off afterwards.

You think I’m lying? You think this is a joke? Here’s an actual quote from Lauren Southern’s book:

I don’t masturbate to anime characters. I dress up like them and guys masturbate to me.

She is entirely conscious of what she is and what she is doing. Her entire existence is a manufactured attempt to sexually manipulate good-hearted and decent men into giving her money and becoming her tools of political advancement.

I can’t be the only one that notices her IRL events have the dynamics of a porn shoot.

The collective community of dissident Internet meme nationalism that is comprised of Daily Stormer, TRS, and /pol/ became something of value and influence for one reason only: a total monopoly on the truth. Nobody else is honest about the entirety of the world. This campaign of attempting to shut down well justified criticism under the guise of “harassment” is essentially an attempt to cover our only asset in fuel oil and toss a burning match onto it. We are going to continue to have a monopoly on the truth, whores be damned. If you disagree with telling the truth about whores and kikes you are not a part of this movement. You don’t belong here. Get out, you garbage heap slut.

Traditional European civilization had a remarkable number of tools for dealing with skanks like these. Harlots were usually treated to some lashing in the stocks. They were then left in them for a number of days where family members had to watch their asses or leave them freely to be penetrated by members of the public, and due to being bound facing forward they’d have no idea who was responsible when that happened. People would also throw various things that smelled bad at them, spit on them, and shout insults at them.

Women who got mouthy and disruptive about the business of men enjoyed another brilliant invention: the scold’s bridle. It was a mask with a bit for the mouth that put an uncomfortable metal spike on the tongue. This would interfere in their ability to freely swallow and talk clearly, so they’d be wandering around the village drooling and talking funny, for days. Everyone got to see it and laugh. It was an effective punishment, and these women learned not to scold men or get in their business real quick with a few days of one of these strapped to their heads, let me tell you.

Not only is it an essential part of the strength of the dissident right to be able to call out a skank and punish her for it, it is an invaluable part of traditional European life. The end to this kind of thing happened as feminism was setting in and getting coverture abolished. This is where things all went wrong for our civilization. The great thing about the culture of the modern Internet is that it mirrors the attitudes of pre-Romantic European villages. In most of European history it would have been quite proper and encouraged to publicly humiliate a licentious woman. We’re back there now, and that’s a good thing. It’s not only your right to patrol thots, it’s your moral obligation.

To all the e-thots out there: mean tweets aren’t the half of it. Consider yourself lucky if we only bring back the stocks and the scold’s bridle. We’re going to have WHITE SHARIA in WHITE AFGHANISTAN, and you’re going to have a big problem. If you aren’t lucky, this thing is going full Turner Diaries. I know you probably haven’t read Dr. Pierce’s works because you generally don’t read at all but you might want to crack that thing open and find out what happens to coal burners.

I think the most profound thing about this is that Lauren Southern above was cosplaying as the character of Catherine from the PS3 title of the same name. For those of you unaware, well, I’ll let Wikipedia do the talking:

Catherine (キャサリン Kyasarin), a 22-year-old beauty who seemingly bumps into Vincent in the bar by accident, and ends up spending the night with him. This encounter, and her continued attempts to romance him, become the catalyst for the game’s events. Outwardly Catherine is a playful, seductive and free spirited young woman; in reality, she is a succubus who tempts men for her own ends.

This is how she chose to portray herself.

This is the message she wanted to send to the world as she made a public spectacle of her sexual relationship with a nigger. Message received, Lauren, loud and clear.