Alt-Lite Forms Circle-Jerk Around Laura Loomer’s Bizzaro Jew Protest

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 30, 2018

Thursday night, Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to the door of Twitter HQ in New York, while wearing a yellow Jew star.

The cops came and at one point told her she had to remove her handcuffs and stand aside from the door. She said she didn’t have the key to the handcuffs.

I watched a lot of it on the Alex Jones stream, and when the cops tried to remove the handcuffs he said, “see the cops can’t remove them because she’s got special handcuffs.”

And I was thinking: wtf are special handcuffs? Are they from the Mossad?

And they might as well have been from the Mossad with as much as this bitch talked about being Jewish during her spectacle. In fact, the whole thing was about how she was Jewish. She had a poster of a Louis Farrakhan tweet calling Jews “termites” – she even somehow got it up overtop the door. I don’t even know how she did that.

The other one said “Jew Hatred? A-Okay. Nosey Jew? Banned!”

She is certainly a nosy Jew – though not as nosy as she once was.


The whole time she was talking about how she’s Jewish, Twitter bans Jews but they won’t ban Jew-haters.

She also talked a whole lot about the Holocaust and so on. On and on and on about Jewish issues.

At one point people came up – you couldn’t see who, but I assume they were brown people, and started talking about how Jews kill Palestinian kids and I was like “loooool.” But then I was like, yeah that pretty much sums it up, doesn’t it?

She was ostensibly protesting about free speech on Twitter, but the focus of it was her own Jewishness, to the point where random people walking up thought it was some kind of pro-Israel demonstration.

And as far as I’m aware, she’s the only Jew that’s ever been banned from Twitter.

The Alt-Lite is forming a circle jerk to jerk off around her.

But whatever you want to say about this, this was not a free speech protest – it was a Jewish ethnic protest claiming that Jews shouldn’t be kicked off Twitter because of the Holocaust.

Watch a few minutes of the video when she’s screaming.

A few times she says little things about “banning conservatives,” but it is almost all her yelling about how they banned a Jew.

And look – I’m not even being a hater here.

She easily could have done some general protest against Twitter censorship of right-wingers without wearing a Jew star and talking about how Twitter is anti-Jewish. She could have theoretically made this into a real public statement that would resonate through the media, but she just confused everyone

Every mainstream media outlet mentioned that she was Jewish, and said she was protesting her own Twitter ban, rather than Twitter censorship generally.

The Verge:


NBC News:

For sure, “Jewish conservative journalist” was the phrase she yelled the most times.

You don’t hear that phrase often and during this event I heard it 50, possibly 100 times more than I’ve heard it in my entire life combined.

This isn’t even good for her own brand. She got herself trending number one on Twitter, but since she had no clear message, everyone just thought it was pro-Jewish activism.

If she had just done a general protest against Twitter censoring right-wingers, people could have said “yeah, she really made a point, great” – even I would have said that – but if it’s just some thing where she doesn’t believe Jews should ever be banned from anything, that isn’t meaningful, it’s just weird and confusing.

She also looks really fat too.

Spending all that money on plastic surgery, can’t afford a gym membership – wow.

The police didn’t remove her because Twitter said they weren’t pressing charges and she could stay as long as she wanted. So I guess other people can go do this now – that might be the one benefit, that people now know that while Twitter will ban you from their site, they won’t ban you from their front door.

After having been chained for only a few hours, she apparently had to pee or was cold and had the cops cut the handcuffs.

Really stupid event, would not watch again.

Also… if I was Tucker, I wouldn’t have her on.

This situation just makes our entire narrative confusing. We have to be calling for “free speech,” not “allow Jewish speech, but ban Moslems.”