Almost Two Million Israelis Lose Their Green Pass Because They Didn’t Get Booster Shot

Imagine a hoax so thoroughly Jewish that the Jews are even Jewing themselves over it.

The Jerusalem Post:

More than a million Israelis are set to lose their Green Passes on Sunday as the new definition of “fully vaccinated” goes into effect and Israel Police step up enforcement.

The majority of those who will lose their Green Passes are people who were vaccinated more than six months ago and have not yet received a third shot. In the last few days since the holiday of Sukkot ended, many more Israelis have been flocking to vaccination complexes to get the booster, but they are only defined as fully vaccinated a week after getting the shot.

In addition, people who recovered from COVID six months ago or more are required to get a booster shot to be eligible for the Green Pass.

Finally, anyone who received a positive result on a serological test and got a booster shot will also be eligible for the pass.

Police told The Jerusalem Post that they will be stepping up enforcement beginning on Wednesday, but will spend the beginning half of the week focused on a public relations campaign to inform the public of the rules and regulations.

The officers will put an emphasis on giving tickets in red cities and to business and event hall owners, as well as at restaurants, cafés and mass cultural events. They will not be checking people at the entrances but rather aiming to catch owners of these establishments who are not ensuring that the rules are followed.

The new pass will only be scannable through a special QR code. Those who don’t have smartphones will also be able to get their pass through the website.

Individuals will be asked to present their ID card alongside their pass to enter Green Pass events and establishments.

It’s rather ironic that the Jews have been living in fear of the gentiles rising up against them for millennia, yet in reality, they’re basically holocausting themselves with this deadly vax created by their own pharmaceutical companies.

It couldn’t have been any other way, really.

Evil always ends up consuming itself.