Almost Half of Working Americans Can’t Afford to Rent a One Bedroom Apartment

One thing worth considering as regards the fall of Kabul is the fact that the West is simply running out of money.

Imagine that we literally squandered trillions of dollars in Afghanistan for no reason that anyone can even explain while our own people can’t even afford to live in a small, shitty box.

This is not good resource management.

New York Post:

Home is where the rent’s affordable which, for many Americans, is an increasingly thin portion of the housing market.

New data from the National Low Income Housing Coalition has revealed the depressing reality that close to half of the American workforce does not make enough money to rent a one-bedroom apartment.

The situation has been made significantly worse by the COVID-19 pandemic, during which US rents rose while many Americans fell behind on rent payments.

The problem is a huge threat to national happiness and well-being, researchers believe.

“The kind of tight budgets that especially low-income renters face when they’re cost-burdened can lead to serious harms,” National Low Income Housing Coalition research analyst Daniel Threet told the Guardian.

In order to afford a one-bedroom rental, the new data reported, workers must earn approximately $20.40 an hour, where the median US wage is only $21 an hour — and the federal minimum wage is only $7.25 an hour.

While it’s true that large, more unaffordable cities impact the data somewhat, researchers found that there is not a single county in America where an individual working full time at a minimum wage job can afford a two-bedroom rental.

The discrepancy in low average incomes and high rents was the leading financial issue people faced during the coronavirus pandemic, researchers wrote. “COVID-19 was an economic catastrophe for many households, disproportionately people of color, precisely because so many already could not afford their homes,” the report stated.

Yeah, it’s for sure a sad scene.

Of course, the purpose of the coronavirus hoax was to drive people to the brink of financial obliteration. That’s why they closed all of those small businesses while forcing everyone to shop at Amazon.

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We said this was on purpose in March of 2020. If you don’t understand that it’s on purpose by now, then you’re honestly so stupid that you really just deserve to die.

Despite the fact that this was on purpose, it’s not easy to manage. A nation typically functions by encouraging its population to be productive, which leads to high profits for the rich and high tax revenue for the government. Purposefully forcing people into poverty is not really something that nations do very often, and it’s fair to say that the people running this show are not exactly the smartest folks.

The pull-out of Afghanistan was presumably largely because the resources simply do not exist to run the occupation machine anymore.