Allegedly White Woman Proves White Privilege

Modern Heretic
June 30, 2015

“I’m White! Trust me!”

Being treated with respect and dignity in the nations your ancestors built is wrong. Having a homeland where you can feel safe and secure among your own kind is the ultimate sin against our kosher state religion. Every last White must be hunted down. We need more Somalis in Wyoming, more sodomites in Utah, more spiritual rot and lectures on how we should run our country by invaders still dripping Rio Grande water.

Clearly Whites, who are endlessly attacked by a criminal government, vilified by a jew-run educational complex and media and targeted for “random” violence by simian monsters, are actually receiving unearned gifts. Just trust me, it’s happening, says the jew. If that’s not enough proof, and g*d knows the word of the chosen people is more reliable than your lying eyes, here’s a jew “comedian” to show us the way and maybe teach us uncool and uptight shkotzim how to laugh in the process.

Desert alien educates and entertains.


Jessie Kahnweiler took to the streets of Los Angeles to carry out a series of actions in the hope of attracting the attention of the LAPD.

Seems legitimate. The only problem is the jewess in question has skin the same color as a bowel movement.

In a series of skits she can be seen trying to get in trouble for public drunkenness, assaulting a police officer and finally attempting to sell prescription anti-depressants to no avail.

The brown desert alien proves the existence of anarcho-tyranny. They were afraid to arrest that special tiny minority that has us completely surrounded. No one wanted their career destroyed over performance art from a demonic jew outsider.

Speaking to Buzzfeed News,she explained she made the video to explore her own privilege in the wake of the accusations of police prejudice against black people in America over the past year.

Let’s examine jewish privilege. Pulling the wires to control the mulatto puppet. Complete control of our media. Soviet propaganda lies taught as fact. Severe punishments for noticing any of this. There’s a group of animals that are more equal and it’s not the shrinking and embattled White population.

She said: “I found myself, as a white Jewy liberal, pretending like all the horrific stuff that’s happening is none of my business. But hating racism on Facebook isn’t enough. It’s not an excuse to sit on my ass.”

Shit-colored jew becomes White. Spreading genocidal anti-White propaganda online isn’t enough. As long as one White person still lives, more needs to be done. Then they’ll curse us in our graves. Had enough of this yet?

She said she would never presume to understand what it is like to be black in America but said  “it was a really eye-opening experience.”

With your snow White complexion and all-American religious and cultural background I imagine it would be. Probably the closest analogue to the negro experience is getting drunk. The poor impulse control, inflated sense of self-worth, delusional belief in your own abilities, lowered intelligence and all the rest that comes from hard drinking gives a fairly accurate impression of what’s going on in the mind of the “African American,” although you’ll have to imagine the violent resentment they hold toward all Whites.

She found several black people who said she would get away with more as a white person with one woman commenting: “You will never understand it.Until you walk a day in the lives, in the shoes of someone that has gone through it.”

Luckily I have a solution: deportation to Africa. Your own pathetic negro countries where all that amazing and soulful authenticity can occur free from the oppressive grasp of evil “races” Whites. Back to The Mother to resume pyramid building and flying. The healing can begin.