Alleged Video from China Shows Wuhan Coronavirus Hospital Full of Corpses

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 6, 2020

This video is going around as the entire internet wonders if China is lying about the number of people killed by the Coronavirus. Currently, according to the Chinese government, the official count of the dead is 563 as of Wednesday, which is not really a huge count and not bigger than a normal flu.

However, the video, ostensibly surreptitiously recorded by a Chinese citizen in Wuhan, shows bodybags laying around everywhere in the hospital. There is a van outside filled with bodybags. There are a total of eight bodies shown in the video, all just lying around in various places.

If indeed the hospital can’t get the corpses out fast enough, then there is no telling how many have died. But it would be a lot more than 563. Chinese are efficient at moving things around, and if they have a bottleneck on corpses to the point where they’re just laying around, then people are dying at an extreme rate.

The person who filmed the video was allegedly streaming it live, and in the clip that is floating around, the police come to his house later in the day and ask him about his temperature. He tells them to get a warrant and he’s not letting them in until he sees one, and the video cuts off as if the cops are breaking into his home without a warrant.

That ending made me believe that the video could well have been faked. It is elaborate, but these are elaborate times. Despite Western portrayals of China as an oppressive communist dictatorship, Chinese citizens in fact enjoy more rights than Westerners, if we were to do an objective tally, and they don’t just go around breaking into people’s homes. As the man in the video says, they would need a warrant before entering his home.

Of course, in Wuhan, it would make sense that there would be martial law due to the virus. That is reasonable. But in that case, the man would know about the martial law and probably wouldn’t be talking about a warrant. And if he had illegally violated quarantine regulations by filming the hospital, they would have already had a warrant.

So, it doesn’t really seem real.

But it could be real.

And it seems very likely to me that this virus could be resulting in massive death. Of course the Chinese government would lie about that, for the obvious reasons of keeping public order. I don’t think anyone can really fault them for that, but it does mean that the reported death toll doesn’t actually mean anything at all.

This man, Professor Neil Ferguson, an infectious disease expert at J-IDEA, an Imperial College London group that tracks disease, says that he estimates that 50,000 new people are being infected every day in China and that they have no ability to track it.

China’s official number of cases in total is 28,000. So if this guy is saying twice that number are getting infected every day, then their official death count would also be heavily off.

I personally believe that the Coronavirus is part of a CIA plot against the Chinese, although there is no hard evidence of that. The argument is basically that it is a race-specific bioweapon, and the reason to believe it is that is that by all accounts, at least in its present state, the virus does not infect non-Asians.

We also have the very strange fact that this virus appeared immediately after the admitted CIA plot to foment a revolution in Hong Kong fizzled out. So the timing is extremely suspicious.

Beyond that, there is a lot of circumstantial evidence surrounding all of the research that DARPA and other CIA-linked labs have done involving creating a bioweapon out of the Coronavirus. Whitney Webb has a good article laying out the details of this.

So again: there is no “hard proof,” but it seems much more likely than not that this virus emerging as it did and when it did points to a plot by Western intelligence against the Chinese.

Even if the Chinese were to solve this problem tomorrow, it still would have done massive damage to their economy and to their social stability. And it definitely is not going to end tomorrow. Something like that happening after the CIA just went into Hong Kong with guns blazing and tried to throw a color revolution – well, this is too many coincidences for me to accept.

Here’s a map of the outbreaks thus far. (It’s from Tuesday. We now have 12 cases in the US.)

If this virus really is a lot more deadly than we’re being told, then we’d all better just hope that it doesn’t mutate and start infecting non-Asians, or we’re all going to have police kicking in our doors for filming at the hospital.