Alleged Smartest Man Says Vaccine is a Jew Death Plot, Unvaxxed Will be Rounded Up and Killed

You may have heard hype about Christopher Langan, who is alleged to be the smartest man alive, due to his having consistently scored about 200 on professionally-administered IQ tests.

He was described by 20/20 in 1999 as the smartest man in America, at least.

There was a 2019 interview with Lagan by “Spike Jonze” (Adam Spiegel), which will let you understand where the guy is at.

“Jonze” was a music video and film director who made some stuff that was interesting to me when I was a teenager but probably wouldn’t be very interesting to me now. He is most famous (although not by name, really) for designing the aesthetic of VICE News. The interview is pretentious, but if you want to understand the point of the media’s presentation of the 200 IQ Man, it more or less delivers.

Langan worked in construction and as a bouncer all his life, never “using” the IQ to make any real money. This is the most interesting aspect of the story, as you realize that a lot of people who were way above normal intelligence would look at this civilization we live in and say “yeah, I’m just going to chill out over here.” I think it would be pretty easy for an uneducated person with a very high IQ to not ever realize he has a very high IQ, and thus I imagine there are a lot of these people around.

Langan is using his current fame to promote a concept of God and the universe, which he call the “Cognitive-Theoretic Model of the Universe (CTMU).” I don’t really disagree with what he’s promoting.

By the way: I always advise everyone to take a professionally-administered IQ test. I don’t think anyone ever regrets doing that (even if they feel sad after getting their score). It lets you know what’s going on, and gives you an idea of what you’re capable of. It’s otherwise not really obvious what you’re capable of. I’m not going to tell you my score, but I will say that when I took a professionally-administered IQ test for the first time, my first thought was: “ohhhhhhh, okay.” That was shortly followed by: “so wait, what the hell have I been doing with my life?”

It’s easy to be surprised.

Last week, Langan posted this in a Facebook group he runs for his CTMU project:

That post was followed up by this post:

Obviously, it means something that “the smartest man on earth” is coming to the same basic conclusions as we have here at Tranny Watch. But I would also note that I really like his framing of the issues.

“Social Darwinism” is absolutely their justification for their own power, and they necessarily do believe that no one stupid enough to take this fake coronavirus vaccine can possibly be worthy of being preserved, while they also think that anyone who refuses the vaccine deserves to be rounded up and killed.

It’s also very important to understand that ability and intelligence more or less always correlate with morality. The only place this isn’t necessarily true is with the Jews, but that is because they have their own tribal morality surrounding the defense and promotion of their tribal group interests. Therefore, it actually also is true among the Jews, it is simply that we tend to not be able to understand the nature of their morality, and so instead view them as evil, in the same way that a deer might view a hunter as evil.

The non-Jews involved in this project tend to be consistent failures who are simply good at scamming people. Bill Gates is the more obvious example of that phenomenon. You can also put Elon Musk out there as an example – this is a man who was chosen as a frontman for various government subsidies, and not really anything else. That said, Musk is likely more intelligent and competent than every other member of the non-Jewish elite, which shines through occasionally in that he does try (but always ultimately fails) to engage in moral behavior.

As Langan has been a cultural icon type figure for 20 years, having been brought up by the mainstream on various occasions and treated as some kind of oracle, I think he would make a great guest on Tucker Carlson’s tieless interview show.

At some point, Tucker is going to have to go hardcore and just say most of the things in those posts, which are the kind of bottom line we’ve reached here at Tranny Watch. Obviously, Tucker doesn’t want to say all of this stuff himself (at least the first time), so I think Langan would be a good tool for this purpose.

“Interview with the smartest man on earth spinning an anti-vaxx conspiracy theory” would also necessarily go viral, and be good for the Tucker show.