Alleged Satanic Cannibal and Pedophile Mike Pompeo Lectures Countries About Press Freedom

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2020

Lock up yo babies, Pompeo’s comin’ to dinner!

Imagine the US, which is the most repressive country on earth, lecturing any other country on “press freedom.”


For the past four days, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has been calling for authoritarian governments in eastern Europe and Central Asia to ease restrictions on press freedom despite criticism for his own treatment of journalists at home.

Pompeo defended his unhappiness with a National Public Radio interviewer who asked him last month about the ouster of the former ambassador to Ukraine. Further, he said his conduct, which the journalist said included berating her with profanities once the interview was over, did not demonstrate a lack of respect for a free press.

In Tashkent on Monday, Pompeo praised the Uzbek government for “loosening restriction on the media” and said the U.S. “looks forward to further progress” in the area.

And, in Belarus on Saturday, he said the U.S. prioritizes respect for human rights, a strong civil society, and freedom of the press in every corner of the world” and that the country had more work to do on those issues before American sanctions could be lifted.

“Open up your media to our CIA influence networks or we’ll destroy your economy.”

How is it that everyone on earth doesn’t see this for exactly what it is?

Of course, none of this has anything at all to do with Mike Pompeo yelling at a journalist during a “fat person emotional breakdown.” That is weird, and speaks to Pompeo’s fitness, but means nothing political. It doesn’t magically amount to some kind of repression of the press.

What amounts to repression of the press is the literal repression of the press that takes place in the joke country that is America.

In America, independent journalists are subjected to absolutely barbaric treatment.

  • The government allows for journalists to be outright banned from all internet platforms (Infowars, Daily Stormer, etc.)
  • The government allows for journalists to have their bank accounts targeted by special interest groups (Basically everyone)
  • The government allows for journalists to be bankrupted with frivolous lawsuits for doing journalism (Alex Jones, etc.)
  • The government prosecutes journalists for doing journalism, tortures them in jail (Julian Assange)

It is beyond laughable that anyone from America would have the nerve to lecture anyone about “press freedom.”

But of course, that is simply a euphemism for allowing the United States to set up shill entities to propagandize the people of your country. The idea that Pompeo cares about any value system at all is so retarded that anyone who believes it should be locked up in an institution.

The US is demanding that these foreign countries allow US government-funded entities access to their own population. But I, as an American, am being continually blocked from access to my own people due to the refusal of the US government to defend my alleged Constitutional rights.