Alleged Omicron Variant Allegedly Discovered in California

The vile goblin and grotesque liar Anthony Fauci gave a press conference Wednesday at the White House to announce that the Omicron SUPER MUTANT has entered America.

The first case of the alleged virus was allegedly discovered in California. The alleged infected was allegedly infected on November 22, before the travel bans.

Liberals are just spamming false charts.

The case has been described as “mild,” so conservatives are jumping on that.

Of course none of these morons will dare say that it doesn’t actually exist.

There was ZERO evidence that any of these other coronaviruses were deadly… or even had severe symptoms.

Even Tucker just goes along with this circus show.

Having read a lot of Twitter, this was the most intelligent commentary I found:

The beginning of this Fox News clip has the updates on all of the clips of the Biden people pushing this hoax.