Alleged Man with Gun Arrested Trying to Find the Oval Office

The Ellipse isn’t that close to the White House.

But this probably happened.

NBC Washington:

A man was arrested near the Ellipse on Friday after he said he needed information about the Oval Office and then was found to be illegally carrying a gun and ammunition, D.C. police say.

Santiago V. Macias of Midland, Texas, was arrested two days after Inauguration Day. The 37-year-old was found with a pistol, two loaded magazines and 79 rounds of ammunition, court records say.

It wasn’t immediately clear if he had an attorney.

A D.C. police officer was on bicycle patrol along Constitution Avenue NW when Macias stopped the officer at about 11:50 a.m. Sitting in a black pickup truck, he asked if he could park there and said he needed information about the Oval Office, court records say.

The officer noticed a firearm holster mounted under the truck’s dashboard. The officer asked Macias if he had a firearm in the truck and he said yes.

The officer called for backup and detained Macias. Then officers found the gun and ammunition. Macias said he spoke little English and was provided a translator.

He was arrested for carrying a pistol without a license, unlawful possession of a firearm, unregistered ammunition and unlawful transport of a firearm.

There isn’t really much to go on, but I can believe someone was planning to attack the White House.

Obviously, the government is trying to create violence. They might use some MK Ultra victim to assassinate Joe Biden. I wouldn’t be surprised – they want him out and replaced with Kamala Harris (really, her Jewish husband), and they want a reason to crack down on people.

Look: they banned me after Charlottesville at least in part because I am so active in telling people not to commit acts of terrorism. I’ve been adamant about this, from the start. They don’t want that. They want people who are upset to shoot random people, which is what all right-wingers do when they do terrorism.

If this guy was planning to shoot Joe Biden, he wouldn’t actually have done it – he would have shot some random secretary or something. It would have been like that German failstreamer who couldn’t get into the synagogue so he shot two random German people for no reason. Actually, it probably wouldn’t have been that bad – it’s hard for anything to be that bad.

But look: they have completely taken Parler offline. They’re doing a full block on it, will all companies unifying against it. I advised them that the only countries that will work with them are Russia and China, because those are the only countries who believe in free speech.

But the only reason that they would want to prevent people from having anywhere at all to vent online is that they are trying to get people to commit acts of terrorism.

We see what happened after the Capitol Storm. We see the way they’re talking about “domestic terrorists” needing to be “closely monitored.” We see that they literally just announced, very low-key, that they are “buying” data from Google, Facebook and other companies, which basically means that the NSA spying is now legalized. This new thing they just officially announced means that they’re now saying – publicly – that they can go through your email, your Facebook messages, etc., without a warrant and it’s legal, and prosecute you based on that information, which is a really incredible transformation.

It’s virtually impossible to imagine a bigger transformation in police procedures than that right there, frankly.

People used to say “they record everything anyway” as if it meant there was no need for security. But everything that was/is recorded through these spying programs is illegally recorded, meaning that they can’t use it to investigate, arrest, indict or prosecute you. That all just changed, like it was no big deal, “in response to the violence at the Capitol.”

After Charlottesville, I was banned from everything. If I was still allowed to operate normally, I would have more readers than any other alternative media website. I would be competing with the mainstream media, directly. That is just a fact, based on the growth charts before the post-Charlottesville shutdown. We would be living in a totally different world if I was allowed to do that. Just imagine what would have happened with the coronavirus thing, if I still came up on Google, and could be shared on Facebook. It would have made it impossible for that entire project to happen. (Obviously, it wouldn’t have just been me – others who have told the truth have also been banned.)

So, they can pass laws which allow them to arrest you for precrime, they can censor you, they can do all kinds of stuff if they just claim that violence happened.

And what is the downside for them?

The answer is: absolutely nothing. 

Someone going on a shooting rampage scares the government about as much as a dog barking from someone’s yard scares a semi-truck on the highway (editor’s note: yes, I mean the truck itself, but I don’t imagine the driver gets too scared either).

We need one of those memes with “how you see yourself” vs. “what you really look like.”

This is what a guy with a gun driving around DC asking cops where he can go to find Joe Biden thinks he is:

This is what he actually is:

Every act of violence benefits them, and causing violence is really the only reason they would shut down every outlet of communication for MAGA people immediately after the election hoax. Parler was the definition of an echo chamber, and a lot of the information they were spreading was false, and much of it was purposeful disinformation released by intelligence agencies, and intelligence agency disinformation fan fiction, that is actually harmful to their own cause.

I used to wonder if QAnon was some kind of pro-Trump disinformation campaign designed to create extreme and irrational hyper-loyalty to Trump as a man in a large group of Trump supporters. It allowed him to get away with a whole lot of bullshit without many of his key supporters flipping out, like Alex Jones (and me too, I admit) did when it looked like he was going to start some war against Iran or Venezuela or something.

Maybe it started as pro-Trump and got taken over, I don’t know, but I know that at the end it was keeping people from getting out in the streets and protesting the election fraud. They believed that Trump was some kind of invincible messiah.

So I mean.

With me, there were a bunch of people who had never heard about Jews, the racial IQ gap, or any of this stuff finding the site, thinking it was funny, and getting educated. It made logical, strategic sense to shut me down, even if they weren’t trying to incite violence.

But with Parler and the rest of this stuff they’re shutting down: they are purposefully trying to make people feel like they have no options, lose their minds, and go on rampages.

Frankly, with the lockdown and the rest of it, it’s shocking that it doesn’t happen fifty times a day. You would think people would just be snapping left and right. It really speaks to just how docile white people are. And, I would suppose, to the effectiveness of marijuana, Netflix, opioids, pornography, WoW*, Xanax, Prozac and all of the rest of it at sedating people.

*Yes, I am pro-gaming, but WoW is firstly boring garbage and secondly it is the epitome of “purposefully addictive.” It’s on par with a garbage cellphone game, frankly.