Alleged Healthy 28-Year-Old Corona Victim Actually Died from a Brain Bleed

Another day, another stupid coronavirus hoax.

Adeline Fagan, a 28-year-old resident doctor in Texas, has allegedly died from the deadly disease.

This is the headline CNN is running:

The article starts out shockingly, telling the tale of the young woman’s untimely demise.

In the third paragraph, we are told that she had a history of respiratory disease:

Despite a history of asthma, upper respiratory infections and pneumonia, her sisters shared with CNN affiliate KHOU, going into work was “what (Adeline) wants to be doing.”

But there is no other information about preexisting conditions.

After telling of her sudden doom – which came after three months in the hospital – CNN goes full emotion, telling us about how sad the family is and giving quotes from them talking about how sad they are.

I wouldn’t mock or condemn a sad family. Whatever killed their daughter, it is sad that she’s dead. However, the family is lecturing people about how they have to do social distancing and so on, which is tiresome, and amounts to exploiting their daughter’s death to push a weird political agenda.

Finally, we reach paragraph fifteen (15), where CNN finally decides to tell us about her death:

Adeline Fagan had been doing well in the final days of her life, and the family had been given a good report on Friday night, the post read. Fagan’s parents, who reside in New York but had traveled to Houston to be with their daughter, received a phone call Friday night after one of Adeline’s nurses had found her unresponsive.

A CT scan revealed massive amounts of damage caused by a brain bleed, and her medical team was looking for permission to perform a procedure to relieve the pressure.

“The neurosurgeon said it was a ‘1 in a million’ chance she would even survive the procedure, but that Adeline would have several severe cognitive and sensory limitations if she did survive,” the statement read.

She did not die “of coronavirus.”

She died from a brain bleed that caused “massive amounts of damage.”

Coronavirus is the flu, so I always look at whether or not the flu can cause the conditions that they claim coronavirus is causing, and in fact, influenza can cause brain problems in very rare cases. It is called “encephalitis,” a word that is not being used in this CNN article.

Another woman had a brain condition earlier this year, which they thought might be linked to coronavirus, though that was never actually determined.

Livescience, April 1, 2020:

A woman who tested positive for COVID-19 developed a rare brain disease known as acute necrotizing encephalopathy, a condition that can be triggered by viral infections like influenza and herpes.

At this point, the brain damage “has yet to be demonstrated as a result of COVID-19 infection,” according to a case report published March 31 in the journal Radiology. However, as the novel coronavirus continues to spread, “clinicians and radiologists should be watching for this presentation among patients presenting with COVID-19 and altered mental status,” the authors wrote.

So, whether or not this woman’s brain problem was caused by coronavirus is unclear, and we will never actually know.

The media will run with “healthy woman dies of coronavirus.” It is so very rare that anyone under 65 dies, that they really blow up these stories. The masses of people will not read to paragraph 15 to find out she died of brain bleeding, and if they do read that far, they will not know what it means.

Certainly, the masses of people will not research encephalitis, and find out that yes, in very rare cases, the normal flu can cause complications in the brain.

They will not look and find that according to the National Institutes of Health, brain complications are “a rare but well-known complication of influenza virus infection.”

This is to say: they will not understand that this woman could just as easily have experienced all of the problems she experienced from coronavirus with the normal flu, which comes every single year, and every once in a while happens to kill young, healthy people.

In actual real life reality, there is just as much of a chance that it was the normal flu that caused these problems for this woman. As we know very well, every case of the normal flu is now being labeled “coronavirus.” The flu has the same symptoms as coronavirus, so they have decided to call every case of the flu “coronavirus” as they push the mass hysteria agenda.

The solution to the coronavirus problem is seen in China: stop testing for it, stop talking about it. No one will notice anything abnormal happening. If the virus is actually killing people who wouldn’t have otherwise died of the flu (that is not proven), it is such a low number of people that it is impossible to detect.

Sad stories like that of Adeline happen every day. It is sad. But she just as easily could have died in a car crash or of an opioid overdose. (In fact, a brain disease as a result of the flu would be more like dying of a shark attack, in terms of statistical likelihood.) And we don’t shut down our society for those reasons.

All of this has ultimately become pointless to even talk about at all. The masses of people will go along with anything the TV wants them to go along with. We are not going to convince the masses of people that this is a hoax, given the fact that the right-wing media is so heavily censored.

Before the mass censorship campaign, we would have had a shot at convincing the people, but that opportunity no longer exists.

What has to happen is for the leadership of the country – Donald Trump, specifically – to tell people the show is over, we’re going back to normal, if people die they die. Anyone who wants to wear a mask and a face shield and a buttplug can do so, anyone who wants to lock themselves in their house can do so, any business owner who wants to shut down their business can do so – but the rest of us are going to be permitted to go on with our lives.

Hopefully, he’s going to win the election, and then just say that.

After the election, he will no longer have a reason to go along with this.