Alleged Chinese Police Files Published, No Evidence of Death Camps or Organ Harvesting

An alleged massive leak of police files from China has been leaked. The media is claiming it shows surveillance and abuse of Uyghurs, a non-Chinese Islamic group that lives in a rural region of China. A 10,000 word article has been published on the data by The Intercept.

Fascinatingly, this article does not reflect the claims by the media and the Jews in general that China has death camps for Moslems and is harvesting their organs.

It reads like a dream scenario for how minorities should be treated in the United States, frankly. The leaks do show that Moslems are being sent to camps, which I don’t think was ever denied. What was denied is that these camps are like the camps alleged to have existed in Nazi Germany, where people were allegedly tortured in various ways before being genocided to death. But there is a significant difference between putting someone in a camp and killing them. There’s a quote, where after a series of terrorist attacks, the governor of the province with all the Moslems told cops: “round up everyone who should be rounded up.”

Evidence shows that this policy was stuck by closely, and no one who shouldn’t have been rounded up was rounded up.

The Intercept, which pretends to be serious, doesn’t even note the silly and egregious rumors that the mainstream media is printing about genocide and organ harvesting. Joe Biden has also endorsed these bizarre accusations against this random country on the other side of the world.

What the article tries to say is that China has a police state, with too much surveillance.

Well, the United States is currently under martial law. We have thousands of soldiers occupying the Capitol, and people are being arrested for speech. At least in China, they pass laws before they do things. China has some speech regulations, but they are guided by laws – it’s not a free for all out of control nut house like the US.

It’s not reasonable to be in the United States and claim that China, which is much freer than the United States, needs to have more freedom. It would be like going into Ghana and saying they need more black people.

America is a country that arrests people for memes.