All Studies Agree: Mental Health Risks in Keeping Children Home Much Worse Than Virus Risks

These poor women are all going to go nuts. The mothers and the teachers.

Well, the virus risk for a child is zero, despite the shitbag Anthony Fauci’s fake hoaxes about “Kawasaki disease.”

So it’s not hard for the risk of anything to be greater than zero.

Daily Mail:

The COVID-19 pandemic is poised to make the 2020-21 school year as challenging as the last but now doctors believe the benefits for children being in school far outweigh the risks of catching coronavirus.

In the spring, the virus shuttered nearly every school building in a historic disruption of education. Schools were forced to shift to distance learning almost overnight.

As the coronavirus continues to ravage different regions, K-12 leaders are being forced to close and reopen for in-person lessons as infection rates ebb and flow.

Two international studies show there is no direct correlation between in-person classes and the spread of coronavirus. 

Anecdotally, the findings tally with data crowdsourced and compiled from 2,000 schools.

Kate Phillippo, an associate professor at Loyola University Chicago’s School of Education said ‘kids are hurting in all kinds of ways.’

‘They’re worrying about their safety, worrying about their loved ones’ safety, worrying if they were going to be sick, wondering what was going to happen to them, to their schools,’ she said to the Chicago Tribune.

Similar data on the effect of school re-openings despite a cluster of coronavirus cases was also observed in a Spanish study.

Although a second wave of the virus began in September, after the school year began, cases in one area dropped three weeks into term, others continued rising at the same rate, while another remained flat.

There was no sudden spike that coincided with school re-openings.

Nowhere, the research found, was there a spike that coincided with reopening.

‘What we found is that the school being opened makes absolutely no difference,’ Enric Álvarez at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya told NPR. 

‘We are not sure that the environments of the schools may not have a small and systematic effect, but it’s pretty clear that they don’t have very major epidemic-changing effects, at least in Spain, with the measures that are being taken in Spain.’

A similar finding was detected by Insights for Education which advises education departments around the world.

Their report looked at trends between February and September in 191 countries. 

‘There is no consistent pattern. It’s not that closing schools leads to a decrease in cases, or that opening schools leads to a surge in cases,’ said head of the organization Dr. Randa Grob-Zakhary. 

‘We’re not saying at all that schools have nothing to do with cases. What the data suggests instead is that opening schools does not inevitably lead to increased case numbers.’    

The science doesn’t matter to Anthony Fauci. The only thing he cares about is safety. He bases his views on safety on fake graphs. He is the number one person on earth with the highest number of fake graphs. He also cares about ruining your holidays in the name of science.

Frankly, the kids have a much greater risk of dying in a car crash on the way to school than they do from dying of coronavirus. Even the people claiming there is a risk to children in the virus will admit that car crashes are a much bigger risk. But you will never hear anyone say, “we have to keep children out of school to protect them from car crashes.”

That is because car crashes are an acceptable risk. We accept that X number of people are going to die in car crashes every year, even though we could save them by banning cars, because we, as a society, accept that cars are a net benefit, despite the fact that if there were no cars, no one would die in a car crash.

Somehow, with coronavirus, we’ve accepted the idea that there has to be zero risk. If you analyze how we came to accept that, you can only find that the media purposefully traumatized the population with hysteria.


It doesn’t matter.

They’re going to do whatever they’re going to do, and there is clearly no information or argument that will cause these people to act in accordance with science or reality.

I gotta say though – these plastic boxes for the kids are hilarious.

Those are Asian-inspired, like all of this neurotic virus kookiness (Asians, even the brown-skinned Southern ones, have an obsession with germs and cleanliness).

I keep thinking of that Alice in Chains song where he says “I’m the man in the box.”

Looking at school children in boxes is a stark reminder of just how insane this all is.

Remember: Sweden never did any of this and their infection rate is now one of the lowest, if not the single lowest, in all of Europe.

Their school kids are not in boxes.

The Guardian can call this a “light-touch approach” – whatever the hell that means. But what actually happened in Sweden was this: they did absolutely nothing. They never closed bars, they never social-distanced, they never wore masks.

Never forget that Sweden exists and the fact that Sweden exists necessarily means that everything these people are telling you is necessary is the opposite.