All Signs Now Point to the Inevitability of Bitcoin

I have a friend who is a shitcoiner. He was ultra-bullish on shitcoins, even after the recent crash.

When he was bullish, I was hesitant.

Now, he’s saying he thinks there’s going to be a more serious crash – because Joe Biden is going to attack crypto on his trip in Europe.

However, I’m feeling more bullish than I was a week ago.

Whatever anyone says, El Salvador’s adoption of Bitcoin as legal tender is a big deal. It’s a big deal because of the implications of any sovereign country that is a member of the WTO and the IMF adopting the currency, but also because so many other third world countries are now looking at Bitcoin as a way to deal with the way they are getting shafted by the US dollar and the various other international Jew banker schemes.

Obviously, part of why shitholes are shitholes is just that they lack human capital. Sadly, it is just a biological fact that brown people have lower IQs, and this makes all economic progress much harder. That said, it cannot be ignored that these people have been exploited and abused by the international Jew bankers, and their situation is going to be a lot better when they break free of those entanglements.

As a nationalist, I want these countries to do better so that they are not sending all of their poor to my country – everybody wins!

Paraguay, Brazil, Mexico and others are now looking at making this happen. We’re also seeing interest in Africa and elsewhere.

The reasoning behind this is related to the way that Jew banks manipulate the economies of these countries to suck them dry, but it is also related to the fact that these countries rely heavily on remittances from migrant workers, and the Jewish companies that handle moving the money take a huge cut of it. Western Union and others can take up to 10%.

It is also looked at as a solution for people who are too poor to have bank accounts, but have cellphones.

Frankly, it solves a whole lot of different problems in the third world.

What this third world adoption means is that Bitcoin is for the first time going to be used regularly as money by someone other than people banned from accessing the financial system. That is going to be a stabilizing factor, and also it’s going to boost general confidence.

It is also the run-up to Russia and China eventually adopting Bitcoin as reserve currency.

Meanwhile, Republicans are Going All In

Over the past week, an interesting politicalization of Bitcoin has taken place.

As you know, the Ultra Vaxx Man Donald Trump – a man who disavowed his own most devoted supporters and then left them to rot in a special Democrat political prison in solitary confinement while being tortured (beatings by blacks), then went around encouraging his followers to risk their lives and health by taking the deadly coronavirus fake vaccine – denounced Bitcoin as a “scam.”

However, this did nothing but create even more hatred for Trump among his former supporters – the price dropped after he made these aggressive and anti-freedom, pro-Jew statements, but then hit a massive run shortly after.

Meanwhile, the stupid bitch and fake Indian Liz “Tomahawk” Warren came out to back Trump, arguing that cryptocurrency should be banned because it changes the weather. This is obviously disingenuous, as even if you believe carbon changes the weather (it doesn’t), Bitcoin is mined using a majority renewable resources.

Warren actually just wants to stop Bitcoin because she is a socialist – Karl Marx himself preached the benefits of using a central bank to control the goyim.

Despite Trump supposedly being the face of the party, no Republicans came to his defense when he defended the criminal Federal Reserve swindle. Instead, many prominent Republicans have come out in favor of Bitcoin in recent days.

The crippled governor of Texas, Greg Abbott, announced that Bitcoin miners are welcome in the state.

Sean Hannity had Bitcoin gigachad and absolute madman Michael Saylor on.

Then he had on Ted Cruz – who actually made good arguments. He said it is a hedge against inflation, and said it is the people’s right.

Unlike Trump, Cruz did not defend the criminal Federal Reserve system, which is sucking the blood of the poor and middle class by inflating their money.

Hannity also went full laser eyes.

I don’t really support Bitcoin becoming a partisan issue – especially given that the Republicans lose at everything they try to do. However, maybe Republicans are getting on board because this is someplace they think they can get an easy win?

Or maybe they are just reflexively supporting it because Tomahawk Liz is attacking it?

Regardless, the fact that so many prominent people are now defending it publicly means that the window for the government to ban it is shrinking to a tiny slit.

Also, on the regulation side, New York just failed to ban mining.

Not that anyone would want to mine in New York, given how expensive it is to do anything in New York, but this is a big loss for those who want to regulate our money.

Doomed Elon: A Failed Meme Commits Seppuku

On the general side – though I don’t really care about price fluctuations – we are seeing the bears giving up, as the price is stabilizing in the post-attack environment.

Elon Musk and his gay dog are completely out of the equation. He’s said he sold his Bitcoin, which means he can’t do any more harm. His companies are collapsing anyway.

Toyota and the Chinese companies are about to introduce much cheaper and much better electric cars. Tesla can I guess remain a luxury car company – but what purpose does that serve? The Germans can make mid-range luxury electric cars.

Apple is also working on an electric car, which we have to assume will be better than Tesla as a luxury electric.

Ford and other American car companies are also making electric cars, including a coooooool Mustang.

The only reason Tesla ever mattered was that it was subsidized by the government to make electric cars. It was the only company in the field. When every company is making electric cars better than Tesla, and cheaper, Tesla stops being relevant and it is probably time to start really shorting the sonovabitch.

Meanwhile, Musk has been running a space company for a decade and didn’t ever go to space. Jeff Bezos just bought a space company, and he is going to space immediately.

Who’s going to have the space energy? The guy who went to space or the guy who is afraid to go to space?

Furthermore, the fallout from Elon intentionally sabotaging Bitcoin is not yet fully understood, but from everything I’m seeing, there is an immense and intense amount of hated flowing his way, and I’m pretty sure that his horrible unfunny memes are not going to be able to repair his image.

His brand was based on being likable, and his actions were so egregious that it is not really conceivable that he could manage to be well-liked ever again. He thought it was really funny to destroy people’s lives – to sit there as a billionaire and crush the dreams of the little guy. Most people do not think that’s funny.

The new miners’ council put together by Michael Saylor made it a huge point to make it clear that Elon Musk has nothing to do with the organization.

Elon is going to be the first major casualty of World War Bitcoin. Over the next year, both Tesla and SpaceX are set to collapse into rubble.

There is no reason to believe that the same fate will not come to all of the rest of the rogues’ gallery.

Donald Trump may flip when he realizes the popularity of Bitcoin among his own base and among Republicans generally – but he might not. His comments were so tone deaf that it is difficult to believe he is not senile. The Federal Reserve has been looting America for over 100 years, and Bitcoin would help this country as much as it would help a Latin American shithole.

Honestly, I’m still in shock at Trump’s comments. I just can’t even imagine someone – other than a socialist like Tomahawk Liz – literally defending the Federal Reserve system. What’s more, him saying he wants “the dollar to be the global currency” is in direct conflict with his anti-globalist positions. Dollar as global reserve currency is peak globalism, as it makes America responsible for the economies of every country on earth. This is Sauron’s ring – there is no way to use it for good, and it should simply be cast in the fire.

I hope Bitcoin doesn’t become a partisan issue and leftists will push back against Liz Warren and her attempt to make everyone poor by Jewing them with inflation. “We want to make everyone poor while propping up billionaires and corporations” is the mask-off true socialist position, but she is saying the quiet part aloud.

Anyway – Liz is an irrelevant, third tier villain who is no match for the United Forces of the Internet Peoples.

Other Bullish Signs

Warren Buffett, who has been quite villainous, being your standard billionaire scam artist who also supports socialism for the peasants, is now investing in Bitcoin.

Jack Dorsey (CashApp) is continuing to develop normie-friendly Bitcoin technology, which will continue to spur mass adoption.

He’s even going to integrate Bitcoin into Twitter and his new (allegedly) free speech social media platform.

Bitcoin signs are going up everywhere outside El Salvadorian shacks – which will soon become filled with Wakanda-style futuristic electromagnetic elevator skyscrapers through the power of sound money.

The BIS is recognizing Bitcoin as an asset class.

Texas banks are now storing Bitcoin.

Other big banks are adopting, other states are passing laws – it’s all coming together.

All major financial institutions are admitting that the virus hoax created an “inflation timebomb,” and more and more people are noticing that you can’t just keep printing money.

Meanwhile, the plan is to just keep printing money.

Elizabeth Warren is claiming she’s going to cover six trillion more in new money by raising taxes.

A six trillion tax raise would just completely suffocate the entire economy – no wonder she wants to cut off the Bitcoin exit ramp!

That remains the only real threat: an outright government ban.

But there is too much going on to simply ban Bitcoin. The boomers who are saying this are simply confused, as boomers always are.

I still don’t understand why my friend and others are bearish.

Sure, in the short term, Bitcoin could drop. There is a lot going on. But in the long run – Bitcoin is inevitable.

Shitcoins on the other hand – I am less bullish about. Over the last days, we’ve been seeing Bitcoin rise while shitcoins drop. I was mildly excited about ADA, DOT, SOL, and a few others – but I’m not really anymore. In fact, I’m not really liking Ethereum much right now either.

I believe in Bitcoin maximalism. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a role for shitcoins, but for the time being, I would much rather be to the hilt on Bitcoin than be involved in shitcoins.

Of course, for donations, I accept only Monero – but that is simply for the sake of the privacy of our users. Bitcoin can be private, but it takes some effort, and after watching the way people were using Bitcoin to donate, I’ve decided that it doesn’t make sense to risk someone being doxed, so we’ve gone with a full Monero approach. Obviously, it’s very easy to change Bitcoin to Monero when you send it to us – which you must do, or you are STEALING by reading the site every day – but a lot of that Monero, we’re changing back to Bitcoin (or changing into worthless fiat dollars to pay bills).

Bitcoin might go down in the short term. That seems reasonably likely. But all of these factors are lining up to ensure that the infrastructure exists for it to blast off to the moon in the longer term.

The basic fact of reality is becoming undeniable: Bitcoin will cut out the bankster cartel, which will allow people to keep the money they earn, to hold onto it, or to invest it in ways that create more wealth. The banksters are a parasite class that has held back our entire civilization, and we are on the verge of cutting them out.

Of course they’re going to fight back – but the system is in a state of total chaos, as they attempt to transform the Western world with mass immigration, child trannies, a virus hoax and a weather hoax. They are attempting to start all of these wars. They are collapsing their own currency. They don’t really seem to have a very clear plan, beyond “just fuck my shit up.”

They don’t have the resources to fight Bitcoin, or a clear narrative to stop the adoption that is already well underway.

If they try to just outright ban it, the only thing they can say is: “we’re doing this because we want you to be poor.”

They are fighting so many different battles right now, and have so little legitimacy, that to all of a sudden just try to make everyone poor on purpose – after they themselves have created a financial crisis – would be suicidal.

The best they can do now is try to own a bunch of Bitcoin, and keep you from owning it, which is why banks are now rushing to gobble it up.

The apocalypse is coming. Bitcoin will be the money of the apocalypse.

But it will also be the force by which we rebuild.

This has been a wild ride – and it’s just getting started.