“All Options are on the Table” to Overthrow Venezuela’s Government (But Not for US Border Security)

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
May 3, 2019

The Zionist neocon John Bolton is literally one of the worst people in the entire world.

One of the most irritating phrases used by politicians, their staffers and bureaucrats within the United States government is “all options are on the table.” This phrase is typically used as a politically correct way to say that they’re seriously thinking of taking military action in some capacity. In most cases, this ends with the United States military bombing the shit out of some Third World country to benefit Israel while they blabber about freedom and democracy.

This phrase is being used repeatedly by the neocons Donald Trump has surrounded himself with. John Bolton has been using it over the past few days when addressing foreign policy towards Venezuela.

Vice President Mike Pence previously said the same thing.

Trump himself has also affirmed that “all options are on the table” when discussing the situation.

It is interesting that “all options are on the table” when dealing with a country that provides no national security threat to the United States. Venezuela does not have the military capacity to invade and take over America. But we are being told that we might have to invade the country because of abstract nonsense about freedom, democracy and human rights.

Never mind that a lot of Venezuela’s problems stem from economic sanctions placed on them by the United States. There is also little political support locally for Juan Guaido, the CIA stooge who we are falsely being told is somehow the country’s real leader.

Meanwhile, we have a very real national security threat on the southern border with Mexico. The United States is being invaded by many thousands of diseased and low IQ brown goblins every month. A good portion of them are violent savages who have gone on to commit unspeakable crimes within our country. You also have rampant drug trafficking and other criminal activity taking place along the border.

So why isn’t the phrase “all options are on the table” being used to describe how the Trump administration plans to deal with the border crisis? Surely, this is a situation that justifies the government considering all options. But no, we are only hearing this phrase uttered when they’re describing what’s going on in Venezuela.

Everything is backwards. There’s more of a focus on overthrowing the Venezuelan government than protecting our own national borders. It’s a patently absurd and insane situation. The border crisis is clearly the priority. This holds true even if you, for some bizarre reason, believe that overthrowing Venezuela’s government is good for America. It’s not, but there are lunatics out there who foolishly believe that it is.

This just shows that the United States military’s purpose is not to protect our country, but instead to police the world for the Zionist empire that controls America. There is no other conclusion one can draw when faced with such insanity.