All of This So Our Women Could Fuck the Blacks

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 5, 2019

Did you forget the horror? Did you forget our mistakes?

The Sun:

The full horror facing soldiers during the D-Day landings has been laid bare in a harrowing new book.

Terrifying pictures of the Normandy landings include a haunting image of a corpse washed up against sea defences and a photo capturing the fear and trepidation in the eyes of a wounded soldier under fire.

On D-Day, more than 132,000 ground troops and 18,000 paratroopers flooded to Normandy to take back North West Europe from the Nazi forces.

Given the incredible scale of the invasion and the dangers, the allied forces suffered more than 10,000 casualties.

The number of German dead ranges anywhere between 4,000 and 9,000.

Brothers fought against brothers to serve the interest of outsiders. The Jews won World War II. White men lost.

The bravest of both sides perished. We lost our warriors.

We lost our leaders.

We lost ourselves. We played right into the rubbed hands of our ever-present insidious enemy.

Blades was determined to use his collection of photographs to remind the free world of the sacrifices made by the allied troops during one of the bloodiest periods of the Second World War.

All of that for what? So our women could fuck niggers and destroy civilization?

Let this be a reminder that the differences between brothers are minuscule compared to the differences between enemies. White people… white people are quite diverse. We are. We have some differences and some of us don’t really get along¬† much. Some can’t stand others.

But our differences are meaningless. We all face the same enemies. We all have this blood passed to us from the great achievers of this planet.

We have to stop spilling our own blood and start spilling the blood of our enemies.

The media suggests we’re moving towards a war with Venezuela.

Do you remember any recent war that was against our enemies and not against the enemies of our enemies?

Stop fighting for the Jews.

Start fighting the Jews.

Hail Victory.