All My Love to /r/CoonTown

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2015

Oh yes.
Oh yes.

/r/CoonTown has called me out for not giving them credit for their amazing work.  In this particular case, someone had emailed me the “hands up – don’t shoot” version of the Mali flag, but CoonTown do appear to have been the ones who originated it (or rather found it, the country of Mali originated it, lol).

That said, I do lurk a lot of Reddits (I used to do it more than I do now, given that now my email box is constantly full of tips and has become a better filter than I could find elsewhere), including /r/CoonTown and /r/WhiteRights to find content for posts, and don’t really even ever think of giving them credit for their having dug these things up.  Same thing with both 4/pol/ and fullchan/pol/.

To be clear, I don’t steal content, these people on these boards just find stuff and I then write on it.  I’m going to keep using their materials without saying on every article “by the way I found this story on this Reddit or this chan,” unless I am actually quoting content.  It would be like crediting Google news every time.

But if I had realized CoonTown had noticed the hands up flag, I would have credited them, because that is a unique observation (rather than just a link or a pic that someone found and posted there, which I don’t feel I need to give credit for).

Thanks to suspook for noticing it, and thanks to everyone who posts on racist Reddits and chans and contributes to our internet community of bigotry and hate.

You guys were right to call me out, and I will try to be more aware of these things.  Same time, you guys should all be aware that many people read your reddit and send me things, and everything that isn’t your OC came from somewhere, and it could have come from the same person who sent it to me.  This stuff all circles around the tubes.

Also, thanks for posting our stuff.

Post updated/fixed at 12:09 EST.