All Four Waffle House Dead were Black (One Genius, One Aspiring Rapper)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 23, 2018

What a horrible tragedy.

Just imagine all of the amazing things that these niggers could have accomplished in their lives.

Somewhat shockingly, though the suspected shooter is white, a conspiracy theorist and obsessed with Taylor Swift – and still on the run, by the way – no one in the media is suggesting racism.

Which is pretty weird, because a lot of the time they will suggest racism before they even know who the shooter is.

It’s actually Buzzfeed that has the most details on the whole situation.

In fact, though I obviously hate them on ideological grounds, I’ve gotta give it to Buzzfeed – they’ve really been upping their game lately. They’re at least as serious of a publication as New York Times at this point.

I keep thinking of Calypso in Twisted Metal granting Joe Bernstein his wish of working at New York Times… only to find out that Buzzfeed is now a much more respectable publication, and everyone is making the same jokes about NYT they used to make about Buzzfeed.

Anyway, those particular issues aside…


Police are still searching for a 29-year-old suspect in a shooting that killed four people and wounded two others at a Waffle House in Antioch, Tennessee, early Sunday morning.

Authorities have identified the suspect as Travis Reinking, and say that he sat in his pick up truck outside the Waffle House around 3:30 a.m. Sunday before he took his AR-15 and, naked except for a jacket, opened fire on workers and diners before fleeing on foot.

So right there you’ve got some strange questions.

Why go in naked?

Why not leave in the truck?

Not to mention the initial question of: why shoot-up America’s favorite diner?

As the frantic manhunt for Reinking continued into the night Sunday, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation added his name to its “Top 10 Most Wanted” list, warning the public that he should be considered “armed and dangerous.

“There is a chance that Reinking at this moment is at large with two other weapons,” Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron said Sunday as more than 80 officers, bolstered by the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, continued to canvass the area.

The 29-year-old is from Morton, Illinois, and lived in Salida, Colorado, before moving to the Nashville area, where he worked in the construction and craning industry, police said Sunday.

Previous reports from near his Illinois home describe a distressed, anxious, and volatile young man who, in one instance, waved his AR-15 at a co-worker before storming out. Reinking’s father, who was supposed to be keeping his son’s weapons away from him, had told police that he often locked up his son’s rifles when “Travis was having problems.”

Months before the shooting in Tennessee, Reinking was arrested in Washington DC, after the Secret Service caught him trying to access a restricted area of the White House, prompting police in his home state of Illinois to seize his guns.

Yeah so, he was an Illuminati conspiracy theorist.

So the attempt to access a restricted area in the White House fits into that.

Shooting-up a Waffle House, not so much.

Unless this is all part of some kind of MK Ultra type brainwashing program.

According to a DC police report, Reinking told the Secret Service that he was trying to speak to President Donald Trump. After refusing to leave and ignoring an officer’s warning, the report says Reinking declared that he “was a sovereign citizen and has a right to inspect the grounds.”

He then took off his tie, balled it into a fist, and walked past the security barriers toward police, stating, “Do what you need to do. Arrest me if you have too,” according to the report.



All making sense now.

Definitely explains the nudity at least.

Though I don’t get why he would be against the consumer paradise that is Waffle House.

So moving along through that sidestory, he was charged with unlawful entry, the charges were dropped, but as part of the deal, all his guns – including the Bushmaster AR-15 he assaulted the Waffle House with – were given to his father who eventually gave them back to him.

That gun was wrestled from him during the shooting.

In a press conference Sunday, Tazewell County Sheriff Bob Huston said Reinking had previously had multiple, concerning run-ins with local police, and described the 29-year-old as an erratic, anxious man who heard voices and believed people were stalking him.

“The police reports speak for themselves. I think anyone can conclude after reading them that there’s evidence [Reinking] has mental health issues,” Huston said, before releasing Reinking’s police records to local media.

Yes, seems to fit with MK Ultra.

Or with just being insane, of course.

That’s part of the problem there – you can’t tell the difference between someone who is just a legit mental case and someone who is the victim of a CIA brainwashing program.

In a May 2016 incident in a CVS parking lot described by police as “suicide attempt by firearms,” police say a “delusional” Reinking was agitated and upset because he believed Taylor Swift was harassing and stalking him and had backed his phone.


The Tay Tay connection.

Not surprising.

Not surprising at all.

The then 27-year-old believed everyone, including “his own family and police,” are involved. His parents and grandmother were also at the parking lot and told officials that he had been having these delusions since August 2014 and had made “comments about killing himself earlier in the day.” An emergency responder from Tazwood Mental Health Center was already on scene trying to convince Reinking to come in for an evaluation, officers said.

After driving away and coming back, Reinking told responding officials that a few weeks prior, Taylor Swift hacked his Netflix account and told him to meet her at the local Dairy Queen. When he arrived, “she started yelling at him before she took off running. Travis chased her in an attempt to get her to stop harassing him. Taylor climbed up the side of the building and Travis followed. However, when he reached the rooftop, she was gone,” the report states.

Soon, more deputies arrived, the 27-year-old stated he would go in for an evaluation, but it was “against his will.”

According to another police report, Reinking raised similar concerns about people stalking him in August 2017, when he pulled up to a sheriff’s deputy and wanted to make a report, telling the officers that that 20 to 30 people had hacked his phone and computer, that he was being watched, and that he had been hearing people outside his home “barking like dogs.”

As the conversation progressed, a “serious and concerned” Reinking told the officers that a man at Target had been watching him as he checked out.

“Travis said he observed a male in a black shirt with an ear mic standing near watching him. Travis said he felt that this male was watching him and no one else,” wrote officer Ryan Tarby. “Travis explained that this all started after he started writing Taylor Swift.”

So does it make sense that Taylor Swift is used as a MK Ultra trigger?


Clearly it makes sense.

Her image is everywhere.

Of course, I don’t think she would agree to be in on it. But she wouldn’t have to be in on it.

Earlier that summer, in June, police in Tremont, Illinois, responded to a disturbance at a pool after Reinking arrived wearing a pink woman’s house coat, jumped in the water, removed the coat, and swam in his underwear. He later exposed himself.

“I was told that the male had gotten out of the pool and was yelling…that he was a man. I was told that he then showed his genitals saying that he was a man,” wrote officer Mike Dodwell.

After the incident, employee at J&J Cranes, a business owned by Reinking’s family, which he was living above at the time, told police that he “had a yelling match with Travis.”

Reinking, decked in the pink coat and “holding the AR rifle,” reportedly yelled at a co-worker, “is this what you fucking want,” before storming out and putting the gun in the trunk of his blue Mitsubishi and speeding away.

On Reinking’s Facebook page, which appeared to have been scrubbed Sunday except for a few profile photo updates and two posts from 2017, the 29-year-old shared a YouTube video titled, “Illuminati compilation clips 100% real,” and wrote, “The illuminati is real.” YouTube has since removed the video, explaining that it violated the platform’s policy on harassment and bullying.

Reinking also appears to have a YouTube page with an active live stream. The last time he went live was May 6, 2017, according to the site.

Police have not yet identified a motive for the shooting, and said Sunday that it was not clear why Reinking allegedly chose the Waffle House as his target.

“We suspect some mental issues, but at this time there’s no notes, no verbal explanations, so we don’t have a motive at this time,” Nashville Police Chief Steve Anderson said at a press conference Sunday. “He’s murdered four times with no apparent reason and no apparent motive. So we’re very concerned.”

Okay, so.

You tell me.

I don’t go crazy with this MK Ultra mind control stuff, but at some point it’s just like: wtf else could be going on?

I mean, this is not a single incident.

Far, far from it.

I have still not had anyone explain the Vegas shooting to me. And the Parkland shooting remains ultra-bizarre.

And just so you understand – if you’re a newb – the CIA did have these programs to create killers using mind control, and many of them went insane.

Ted Kaczinsky, the Unabomber, was involved in the MK Ultra program.

I mean, maybe some day if I ever find six hours lying around I’ll write a big research article explaining the whole thing. But the basic fact is that the US government was caught doing a bunch of deranged and possibly satanic mind-control experiments on huge numbers of people, and there is no actual reason to believe that this ever stopped.

And you absolutely could use that sort of a program to drive people to commit sick, violent acts which disrupt society or otherwise push an agenda.

So my thing is, when I see this stuff with totally whacked-out nutjobs doing insane things which at least potentially benefit the mainstream Jew narrative, I am suspicious. Then you have this guy talking about all this super-weird conspiracy stuff, and it just makes it seem all the more likely.

I’m just saying.