Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a Pure Aryan Princess and If You Don’t Honor Her Then You’ve Betrayed Our Race

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2020

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her tits are all three members of the pure Aryan race.

She is a pure Aryan Princess, and a shield maiden of our people.

I am so tired of men who are weak and have small penises refusing to honor the proud history of our Aryan goddesses and their dignity.

True Aryan peoples going back to the times of the vikings believed that Aryan women are like goddesses and must always be held in the highest esteem, due to their sacred position in the tribe.

It is only because of Christianity that the white man began to reject the female, and began to act like Moslems. If you do not believe that Aryan women have a place in society, telling men what to do, then you are really just a Moslem.

True Aryans honor Aryan women, the women of our people, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her Aryan love jugs.

It is the way of the Aryan to have women in charge of politics, in order to honor our heritage, because women have a connection to the spiritual realm, and can instruct men on how to live their lives in line with the true Aryan traditions.

The Aryan man cannot claim righteousness without the endorsement of the true Aryan woman. There is no moral legitimacy outside of the approval of our race’s pure shield maidens, whose purity and honor is the gateway to nobility. Those who would deny the truth of Aryan feminine virtuousness are no better than the Semitic Jew.

Our very identity as Aryans is tied to our rectitude of the Aryan goddess, and if an Aryan woman is led astray into sinfulness, this is the fault of the Aryan man, who did not do enough to protect her immaculate innocence. I see many men who pretend to be in our movement who refuse to respect the Aryan woman, and they are no better than Jews, for they have failed to look after the sacred piety of the true Aryan woman.

Neeko is also a pure Aryan princess and I want to love her with true Aryan love, which is respectful and honors her as an Aryan shield maiden, who protected our people.

We need to remove those who disrespect women from our movement, because we have to bring women into the movement if we want to succeed. And we will never get women into the movement unless we are really nice to them, and bring them in and let them control us.

I am currently working to find a way to get neeko to control me.

She is such a pure Aryan that it is my duty to our people and our history of honoring women for me to just lay down and let her do whatever she wants to me, in the name of our ancestors, who were not Moslems, and allowed women to do whatever they wanted to them.

That is the true path of the true Aryan way.