Alexandria Breaks Record for Most-Watched C-SPAN Video

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 19, 2019

So AOC’s first speech in Congress came after the speeches of her two Islamic allies – the fag-hating bulbperson and the “motherfucker” Palestinian who says the GOP is controlled by Jews.

When Alexandria took the mic, she talked about the effect of the government shut down on the innocent feds, and she relied on an anecdote about… wait for it… an Arab who came to America to go to flight school in New York.

If that was a joke, then it was a pretty funny one.

For those of you old enough to remember, think back to when 911 happened, the whole aftermath of it, and imagine telling people that in 18 years there would be Moslems in Congress.

Fox News:

Freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., made C-SPAN history on Wednesday during her first speech on the floor of the House of Representatives.

Ocasio-Cortez, 29, addressed her colleagues on Capitol Hill for nearly four minutes, talking about one of her constituents in the Bronx — an air traffic controller who recently missed his first paycheck due to the partial government shutdown.

Her speech was posted to C-SPAN’s Twitter account, and, according to Howard Mortman, communication director for the public cable network, it became the “most-viewed” video of a House member’s remarks ever tweeted by the channel.

As of Thursday night, the video of Ocasio-Cortez’s speech had around 12,000 retweets and more than 40,000 likes. Mortman said it received 1.16 million views in just over 12 hours.

Bravo, bravo.

She’s a superstar.

But here’s the thing.

Whether or not you yourself believe this woman is attractive is irrelevant. She is a young woman who is kind of okay in terms of sex appeal. The fact that she’s brown implies availability, you know. And sexual availability is the number one attraction factor for men. She also has the “cute silly bitch” thing going for her.

This is to say that the basis of the entire AOC phenomenon is whatever sex appeal she does have.

And that isn’t going to last very long.

She’s 29.

She’s not following my health and fitness advice, she doesn’t have a body that looks like this:

In fact, though she refuses to release nudes, and seems to make a point not to pose in revealing clothing, all indicators are that her body is more or less a complete disaster.

Her posture is abhorrent and she has skinny, loose-looking, skin-saggy legs.

Anyone who does not follow my health and fitness advice is doomed.

Melanin-enriched skin does have the benefit of being thicker, and thus more likely to stay taut longer, but the reality is that all women’s bodies give out by their early thirties if they are not on an extreme health and fitness plan. One which is determined by me, the ultimate health and fitness guru.

Whether or not Trump succeeds with his wall, Alexandria’s wall is coming and she’s about to hit it like Dale Earnhardt.

When she does hit the wall, she will still be a figure that the media tries to force down your throat, but it will be impossible to maintain “superstar” hype around a person who is otherwise not interesting, has zero accomplishments and in fact appears to be borderline retarded.

Her entire relevance as a cultural phenomenon is based on the fact that she is the first young woman who is sexually passable who has ever been in the US Congress.