Alex Salmond’s Blueprint for Accelerating the Genocide of the Native Peoples of Britain

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 20, 2014

Alex Salmond snuggles up to some homosexuals.

The United Kingdom, and especially Scotland, have just had a very lucky escape.

If Salmond had got his way, he would have flooded Scotland with third world savages while doing a diversity-dance on the graves of Scotland’s noble ancestors, all the ones that had fought and died to keep their lands free of Saxons, Normans and Celts – not to mention the brute beasts of the dark continent.

He was hell-bent on almost doubling the current amount of expected invaders, as well as freeing all the currently incarcerated asylum-seeking foreign criminals.

He complained that the Anti-White Westminster administration was not Anti-White enough and said that nothing would make him more happy than the ‘good news’ of replacing all the future Scots with our Non-White enemies from the past.

He would have lowered the minimum savings required to move to Scotland along with the minimum salary, so Scotland could be swamped with illiterate third-worlders claiming to be emigrating there to shine shoes and pack bags in the supermarkets.

Anyone that could show they had completed one of the courses at college provided for them for free by the tax payer would then be given leave to stay on indefinitely.

That was Salmond’s blueprint for an independent Scotland, along with no new banking system and the same ineffectual traitor Queen as before.

Thank God the Scottish people saw through his ‘Nationalist’ charade before it was too late.

Alex Salmond has dinner with some of the people he is hoping to replace all the native Scots with.

Daily Mail:

Alex Salmond’s independence blueprint aims to attract thousands more immigrants, who could use Scotland as a back door to England.

The Scottish National Party say they would ’celebrate’ more people arriving from overseas, reversing what they claim is years of ’depopulation’.

Mr Salmond says Scotland needs an extra 24,000 immigrants a year to fill jobs and bankroll the welfare system for ageing Scots, but without tough border controls many could use it as an easy route into England and Wales.

Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) suggests that over the long term Scotland can expect net migration of only 15,500 a year, on current trends.

But Mr Salmond’s target of 24,000 means he will have to attract an extra 9,500-a-year, or 190,000 over two decades, by adopting different immigration rules to the rest of the UK.

Mr Salmond has admitted the thousands of extra foreign workers are needed to fund the state pension in Scotland.

The ratio between pensioners and workers is far worse in Scotland than in the UK as a whole, meaning the cost of funding pensions is borne by fewer people.

Pete Wishart, the SNP’s home affairs spokesman, wrote on the party’s website: ’We plan a controlled points-based system to support the migration of skilled workers for the benefit of Scotland’s economy.

’An independent Scotland will have an inclusive approach to citizenship and a humane approach to asylum seekers and refugees.’

A young Alex Salmond teaches Jewish school children about Hanukkah. One has to wonder how it is that he knows enough about the subject to teach it to children, when he is supposedly Scottish?

He complained about ’anti-immigrant rhetoric’ and claimed Scotland currently has to ’lump inappropriate Westminster immigration laws, and we are constantly told that they must become even more restrictive to protect us from the various ‘floods’ of ‘foreigners’ who are to erode our way of life’.

He added: ’In Scotland, when we see an increase in our population given our history of depopulation, we celebrate the good news. At Westminster it couldn’t make the politicians more miserable.’

The SNP hopes for an independent Scotland to join Common Travel Area (CTA) which dates back to the 1920s and allows free movement between the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.

The official white paper for independence states: ‘We plan to remain part of the CTA which means that there will be no border controls, and you will not need a passport to travel to other parts of the UK, Ireland, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man.’

However, Mr Salmond also wants to have a more relaxed immigration policy than that adopted by Westminster, raising the prospect of Scotland being used as a back door route into the UK.

The SNP plans to lower the current financial maintenance thresholds and minimum salary levels for entry to Scotland, and to reintroduce a ‘post-study work visa’.

It means it would effectively have a more open immigration policy than the rest of the UK, requiring controls at the border.

Alex Salmond resigned earlier today.