Alex Jones Rushes Arizona to Declare That 1776 Will Commence Again!

American hero and patriotic sonovagun Alex Jones appeared in Maricopa County, Arizona on Thursday to declare that it is time for 1776 to commence again.

That is the year that the American people declared independence from Great Britain.

Alex declared that this is all fraud, which is true. No one has ever even seen fraud on this scale before. It is completely out of control.

Alex rushed Arizona after people had begun to gather outside of the vote counter’s office in that county. Arizona is one of the states that was declared for Joe Biden after severe irregularities.

Alex Jones is as sweaty as they come – and they come sweaty.

The recommencing of 1776 is not some kooky Jonesian theory – it is a matter of fact.

This is now, this is happening: we are witnessing it.

Finally, three days later, the people are really starting to get out into the street.

The crowds were large in Maricopa.

The president has been closing the gap in Arizona even amidst this massive fraud that is taking place.

Remember, this race was called early, on election night, by many fake news outlets, including Fox News.

Now, three days later, Trump is still in it.

New York Times has Trump at 48.5% to Biden’s alleged 50.1%.

With 90% reporting in, the total vote margin is only 47,052.


Maricopa County is one of the most conservative counties in the state. They were sure to vote Trump. So what did the state, run by a Democrat, do? They gave them the wrong pens at the polls place, so that their ballots would be rejected.

The vote counting machines used in Arizona cannot read ballots that are filled out with a Sharpie.

The Maricopa County polling stations were caught handing out Sharpies for people to vote with.

They have been so caught that the Maricopa County Elections Department is openly admitting they did this – but just lying and saying that it was good.

That is just an aggressive lie.

Arizona’s own instructions for voting specifically say “no Sharpies.”

How big of a lie is it?

In 2012, Pima County rejected over 5,000 ballots – and one of the reasons they gave for the rejection was that they were filled out with a Sharpie!

On the Pima County YouTube channel, a video from last month instructs people not to use Sharpies.

This issue was addressed in 2018, when in Maricopa County itself, Sharpie ballots messed up the count.

Sharpies were purposefully handed out to Trump voters so that their ballots would be disqualified. That is something that happened.

This is a conspiracy.

They have to redo the vote in Arizona. There is no other choice. People are going to have to go back out and vote again with the correct pens. Otherwise, this amounts to voter suppression.

It’s not like Biden is winning by a large margin. These votes done with Sharpies, and thus rejected by the machine, could have made the absolute difference.

Arizona is a key state. If Trump wins it, he is very much still in the game.


Trump needs you out there taking up space, and supporting him.

Alex Jones is out there.

If you have a protest in your state, you might very well be visited by Alex Jones.

Don’t even think of it as “a protest.” We need an occupation movement. We need to be out there until the media accepts a Trump victory. We need to do what the Jews promote in third world countries, with an endless protest.