Alex Jones Returns to Joe Rogan! Joe has Ripped Off the Muzzle!

Joe Rogan is fighting back against the people trying to muzzle him!

He signed a $100,000,000 contract with Spotify, and they started deleting things from his library. I thought he was going to roll over yet again, but he did no such thing! He’s fighting back!

He recently did an interview with Matthew McConaughey, who is a strong Christian now, and they denounced the Jews in Hollywood! Joe Rogan said, basically: “Hollywood is controlled by Christ-hating Jews!”

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Now, Rogan continues his DOOM RIDE with our favorite guest of all: ALEX JONES!

Alex’s interviews were some of those that Spotify removed from the Rogan library, so Rogan says – “he’s back! Alex Jones is coming back!”

Good man, Joe. Good man.

Joe also recently interviewed Kanye West.

Alex appeared with comedian Tim Dillon, who is a regular on the Joe Rogan show.

Dillon is a funny fat man, who is semi-right wing and promotes conspiracy theories, many of which are true. During the interview, he wore a t-shirt that said “Free Ghislaine,” which is actually the funniest thing I’ve seen so far from this guy.

Joe Rogan may have had a religious moment himself. He may have become a Christian and be waking up to the importance of his role. If he continues to go after the Jews, if he continues to promote people like Alex Jones, Kanye West and Matthew McConaughey, he is going to change the history of the world.

Pray for Joe Rogan.

One thing I will say: this new studio is not nice.

I can kinda see what he was trying to do, but it just did not work out.

He looks like he’s on the set of a 1970s British science fiction show.

Remember UFO?

But actually, frankly, Joe’s new set is not as cozy as the UFO sets.

Maybe if Joe and guests wore the outfits from UFO?

Women’s outfits on that show were maybe the hottest thing ever.

Imagine if the ugliest women looked like this?

On UFO, even the black women looked good.

Such was the 1970s.

If Joe Rogan can use his celebrity to make women look like that again, then I’ll support the set. But not even Joe Rogan can make modern women attractive.

Anyway – I don’t see how he can keep this set.

I expect that soon he’ll say: “yeah, I was watching the show, and I just decided this set is too dark and it’s weird. I’m changing it to make it like it was.”

Of course: the reason he has a new set is linked to the reason he is going rogue: he’s moved from Los Angeles to Texas.

In Texas, you have so much freedom that your mind goes free. It’s the opposite of California, where your mind is enslaved.

If I could live in America, I would live in Texas. No, I’m just joking, I would live in a historic Midwest university town, because I actually have taste and I also actually care about my roots.

But I would go to Texas every two months to hang out with Alex Jones and Joe Rogan.

Imagine how great a free America would be, if we didn’t have these Jews, and people like Andrew Anglin, Alex Jones, Joe Rogan, Kanye West and Donald Trump could all hang out together and talk about the future of America.

Right now, we are being seriously interfered with by the Jews. They are interfering with every single level of our society. They are preventing people from coming together with their rules, their lawsuits, their hoaxes and their nonsense.

Full disclosure: I haven’t watched the Alex Jones Joe Rogan interview yet. When I do, I will probably write a second article about it, and break down the truth bombs that Alex was dropping. Because you all know that he was dropping mad truth bombs.