Alex Jones Releases Secret Recording of Fake News Megyn Kelly Interview

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer

June 16, 2017

Megyn “The Viper” Kelly thought her stripper come-ons were enough to ensnare Alex Jones.

This expired bimbo really thought she could outsmart a man on BRAIN FORCE!?

Sensing that Jews would edit the talk to make him look as bad as possible, Jones secretly recorded the whole interview.

He’s got the documents!

Megyn Kelly’s new gig on (((NBC))) – the same Jews who tried to sway the election with the pussy-grab leak – is centered entirely around delegitimizing the US President, which explains the bizarre decision to interview Jones.

But Kelly’s amateur hour “interview” of Vladimir Putin was an embarrassment and her show is already being panned. Jones asked NBC not to air Kelly’s interview with him after seeing a clip where they took maliciously cut the footage to make him look bad.

They refused, so now he’s going to embarrass them. Alex “The Mongoose” Jones vs Megyn “The Viper” Kelly, live on Infowars tonight!

The Inquisitr:

Infowars Alex Jones is allegedly so convinced that NBC and Megyn Kelly were going to screw him over with the interview scheduled to air on Sunday that he has decided to beat them to the punch and release his own version of the interview he taped, including behind the scenes footage. Jones, who is widely known as a conspiracy theorist is said to be concerned that Megyn Kelly is going to misrepresent him, and so he asked NBC to cancel the segment. When the network and Megyn Kelly refused to pull the plug, Jones is said to have taken matters into his own hands, undercutting NBC by airing the interview in advance unedited, tanking Kelly’s ratings.

The Infowars host says that Megyn Kelly behaved as if she were obsessed with him.

“What are they going to do, when I’ve got the tapes of what really happened? It was worse than in college in a topless bar when women try to get you to pay for a dance.”

The NBC Megyn Kelly interview with Infowars Alex Jones was already tainted due to backlash from many of the Sandy Hook parents who didn’t approve of Kelly giving Jones a platform after the things he said about the tragedy that rocked their lives. Megyn Kelly was supposed to host a Sandy Hook event in Washington, but was asked to step down after her interview with Jones was confirmed.

Don’t be surprised if Alex Jones’ early release gets better ratings than the NBC broadcast. Listening to Megyn Kelly talk about how she can’t resist Jones’ Male Vitality musk will be barrels of laughs.

InfoWars is at this point a media empire. Jones may be a huckster, but he’s adept at marketing. He anticipated the wave, scored an interview with Donald Trump, and completely reinvented his hustle away from bisexual frogs and crisis actors towards an Alt-Light news source that will probably outlive Breitbart.

As for Megyn, she’s not even talented enough for the Tuesday afternoon shift at the Bada Bing, much less equipped to be interviewing world leaders and media moguls.

Jones just released this clip.

I think there’s more coming before Sunday.