Alex Jones Releases Anti-Nazi Video Claiming Top Nazi Sites are All Run by the Government

Daily Slave
March 14, 2015

Alex Jones has 6,000,000 documents proving that all top “Nazi” websites are run by the government.

Alex Jones, an insane mad man whose soul has been utterly corrupted by his Jewish wife, has released a hilarious “anti-Nazi” video in which he claims that top “Nazi” web sites are all run by the government.  Even though that statement in of itself is ridiculous and impossible to prove, he doubled down on his insane rhetoric by falsely claiming that “Nazis” are calling for his death all the time.

This video proves that even Jones himself realizes that his days are numbered.  Despite having every opportunity in the world to admit that he was wrong about Adolf Hitler and the National Socialists, he continues to push this phony narrative that they are at the center of an evil New World Order conspiracy.  He has also chosen not to expose the criminal Jewish power structure that has control and influence over Hollywood, media, banking and government.  It is a proven fact that these institutions are dominated by Jews, but he has yet to do a single serious segment on the subject.  In his mind, this very important topic does not exist and anyone who talks about it is a bigoted “Nazi.”

Even though I am sure he has six million top secret documents proving his claims about “Nazi” web sites and all the alleged “Nazi” death threats he gets, he has yet to make such proof public so I remain skeptical.  This is a man who has a historical track record of making things up off the top of his head.  Look into his Y2K broadcast in which he nearly caused a panic by making his listeners believe that Russia had just launched a nuclear missile attack against the United States.

In reality, the people in the pro-White, anti-Jew movement do not wish him any physical harm.  We simply want his subversive pro-Jewish propaganda activities ended.  This can be accomplished through his deportation to Israel with his Jewish wife and Jewish children.  It can also be achieved by bankrupting his operation which seems to be happening slowly but surely.

Seriously Alex, have you not made enough shekels by selling secret erection formulas and other junk?  You should seriously consider exiling yourself to Israel while you have the chance.  When we take back power in this country, you will be considered a traitor to your own people if you continue down this path.

The good news is that it is not to late to save your soul.  All you have to do is admit you were wrong and tell the truth about Jewish power.