Alex Jones Related Guy Says Coronavirus Vaccine Isn’t a Vaccine

Alex Jones has a video up on his website, BANNED.VIDEO, with some guy who claims to be an expert (but is probably some kind of new age dietician or something) named David Martin saying that the coronavirus vaccine is actually not a vaccine at all.

The video is entertaining, if nothing else. The guy is like, getting confirmations from his girlfriend as he explains things.

I usually try to stay away from kooky stuff, but everything is getting so kooky, maybe it’s time to go full kook?

As the old saying goes: when the going gets kooky, the kooks turn pro.

(To be clear, I’m not promoting this as accurate, but just putting some other views out there, because one thing is certain here: this vaccine is gene therapy, and it is very weird that it is being marketed as it is being marketed.)