Alex Jones, Publicly Questioned, Openly Lies About Deleting Duke Interview

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
September 25, 2015

So Alex Jones appeared at a public forum in Toronto with fellow talk show host George Noory, wherein questions were taken from the audience.

One guy stood up and asked about the deletion of the David Duke interview.

Jones Squirmed and made this face:


He went on to lie about the video having been deleted, saying it is up on the Prison Planet YouTube page.

This is a flat out lie.

The video is still available on YouTube, but not on the official Alex Jones YouTube channel. As we reported here at the time, a redacted version of the video was uploaded (ten or so minutes of a two hour interview) and then it was deleted after a few hours.

Look for yourself:

david duke alex jones - YouTube 2015-09-25 21-29-22

The only video mentioning David Duke that appears on the official Alex Jones channel is the one where Alex challenged Duke to a debate. The rest are reuploads by other YouTubers not associate with Jones.

Not only was the video deleted from both and YouTube, they then began an outright censorship campaign in the comments sections of both and YouTube, deleting the comments of anyone asking why the video was deleted.

I was personally blocked on Twitter by Paul Joseph Watson for simply asking the question of why the video was deleted.

This question:

Got this response:

“You are blocked from following @PrisonPlanet and viewing @PrisonPlanet’s Tweets. Learn more”

He then went so far as to pretend he didn’t know that I had asked a question, and simply blocked me randomly.

Best Part

The greatest thing about the questioning of the Fat Man at the form with the Arabian Aliens Specialist was that the audience member asking the question appeared to be genuine in his assertion that he didn’t even know who Duke was before Jones had him on, but was concerned when he started reading comments about the censorship.

This is called: we win.

This means that Duke appealed to members of Jones’ audience, after we forced him on the show (awesome caller, we Heil you), and that the comment bombardment we engaged in had the intended effect of demonstrating to Jones listeners that he was hiding information from them.

And what kind of information?

Information about the:




The Alex Jones machine is out of gas.

He is reduced to begging for millions of dollars from his viewers to pay his Jew wife, who divorced him and is demanding insane amounts of alimony.

His viewership is dropping rapidly, and most people who do watch are watching ironically and not purchasing penis juice, gold bars or storable canned goods.

He will continue to exist, until he finally has a breakdown or goes into bankruptcy.

But at this point, we are kicking a dead horse.

Not that we shouldn’t keep trolling him. But I think probably trolling Gavin McInnes is a much better use of your time at this point.

That guy is even worse.