Alex Jones Promotes Robin Williams Death Conspiracies as Jews Continue Wrecking Western Civilization

Daily Slave
August 15, 2014

It doesn’t get much more real than this folks! Alex has the documents!

As radio host Alex Jones continues his downward spiral into an inevitable cycle of addiction and depression, people are demanding that he address the prominent role of Jewish power in Western civilization.  This role, which is becoming increasingly obvious to a large percentage of people in Europe, is the single most important issue that faces us today.  This alien race of parasites is destroying White European culture through their promotion of third world immigration and other diabolical political moves.  Despite this, Jones will not even entertain a discussion on this issue.  Instead, he seems to think it is more prudent to cover death conspiracies about Robin Williams.

In the below video, Jones spends several minutes speculating about how prescription SSRI drugs may have contributed to Williams’ eventual suicide.  Even if he had evidence, which he openly admits he does not, ask yourself if this issue represents a matter of any great significance.

He also had his Jew shill writer Paul Joseph Watson post an expose speculating on the possibility that SSRI’s may have contributed to Williams death.

Watson would even publish a story about an episode of Family Guy featuring Robin Williams as a character that apparently aired shortly before the announcement of Williams’ death.  The episode, which depicted one of the characters other than Williams attempting suicide, has spawned all sorts of weird conspiracy postulations about this being a coded message that Williams was really killed.  In his video report, Watson attacks those who are calling this a conspiracy, even though infowars regularly promotes much stupider conspiracy theories.

He calls them lunatics for believing for suggesting that this is a ritual blood sacrifice by the Illuminati, even though Alex himself has endorsed these exact types of theories, constantly.

Here he is with weird porn-store bomber and bank robber Fritzspringmeir talking about the secret sacrifice rituals of the satanic Illuminati conspiracy.

Watson then went on to talk about Jung’s synchronisity theory.

It is interesting that Watson would spend time reporting on such speculations but not tell the people who follow his work that many of the Family Guy writers have been Jewish.  This is even admitted by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane, who once said that at one point 70% of the show’s writers were Jewish.  This would explain why much of the show’s content is degenerate and bizarre.  At least this would be a substantive story that would effectively explain why we see so many weird perversions on television.  Of course, Watson is not allowed to talk about the Jews in his articles, otherwise the Jew wife of Alex Jones might try to convince Alex to fire him.

So once again we see how Alex Jones and his crew will cover any topic no matter how ridiculous just so they can avoid talking about Jewish power.  At this point, it is hard to say how anyone can take the Jones operation seriously.

Andrew Anglin contributed to this report.