Alex Jones on David Duke Shape-Shifting: “If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, Duke is a 12″

Shalom Shekelberg
Israeli Jew News Time
August 24, 2015

Rob Jacobson provided Israeli Jew News Time with this screenshot of the Duke transformation.
Rob Jacobson provided Israeli Jew News Time with this screenshot of the Duke transformation.

Recently, Alex Jones invited Neo-Nazi White Supremacist David Duke on his program for a debate. Jones planned to get down to the issues, but things went south when Duke began shape-shifting into a wolf during commercial breaks.

Following a brief comment on the matter, Jones has been instructed by his Jewish producer Rob Jacobson not to discuss the matter further on air. However, when Israeli Jew News Time contacted Jacobson directly, he agreed to give Alex permission to talk to us (it didn’t hurt that Jacobson is the brother-in-law of IJNT’s publisher Shimon Yashuda).

I visited Jones at his ten million dollar Texas compound, and sat down for a frank discussion about David Duke’s ability to shape-shift into a wolf.

Shalom Shekelberg: So, start from the beginning.

Alex Jones: I talked to Duke before the show, and he was being all sweety-cutsie with me, so friendly, this whole fake thing he does that we now know is to cover up the fact that he’s a shape-shifter.

And just before we went live, I saw Duke’s eyes begin to shift. David Icke, who is a regular guest on my show and who I agree with on almost everything, has said that the first sign of a shape-shifter is in the eyes. And I asked Duke, I said “did your eyes just shift? I’m feeling a bit afraid.” And I’ll never forget, just before we went live Duke says to me “Calm down, Alex. Now is not the time for fear. That comes later.”

Alex Jones and David Icke are close collaborators.
Alex Jones and David Icke are close collaborators.

SS: And then during the first commercial break, he showed his true form, is that correct?

AJ: Yep. I think he knew he was losing the debate, and that I was going to prove that banks and the media are run by German Nazis and the Arabs, so he showed me his true form to put me off, so he could take control.

SS: Yes, Jacobson provided me with the screenshots.

AJ: This was a the first time I had ever witnessed a man transform into a wolf, and it was pure evil.

SS: So this wasn’t something like Teen Wolf starring Michael J. Fox?

AJ: This was a whole other level. If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, the Duke transformation was a 12. I mean, this was off the charts, folks.

"If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, the Duke transformation was a 12." -Alex Jones
“If Michael J. Fox in Teen Wolf is a 1, the Duke transformation was a 12.” -Alex Jones

SS: How about the werewolves in the Twilight series?

AJ: Not even close. Look, folks, the only thing I can compare this to is the 1988 film “The Howling.” That is, in all honesty folks, the most hardcore werewolf film ever made. And even that doesn’t begin to portray what I witnessed.

SS: I like the way you keep calling me “folks” even though I am only one person. It really speaks to your intensity and integrity.

I have some powerful friends I met with last night who said that David Duke is a very powerful figure in London and was buying up major property there in the 70s. Do you believe the Warren Zevon song “Werewolves of London” was written about David Duke?

AJ: Look, I’ve got a lot of sources, folks, in high up places. Big players in Hollywood. I mean, big guys. Right at the top. And my sources indicate that Duke almost certainly had Warren Zevon murdered for writing that song about him. It was part of a high-level German pagan ritual.

SS: It’s terrifying. But hardly surprising for a man such as Duke, who is a neo-Nazi White Supremacist. I noticed that you tried to point out the fact that you have the documents that show that Hitler was funded by White Anglo-Saxons from New York as part of a conspiracy to cause divide and conquer.

At this point in the interview, Jones lumbered over to a series of metal filing cabinets he keeps in his living room and pulled out a six inch thick file labeled “proof that White Anglo-Saxons funded Hitler as part of a conspiracy.” I briefly perused the thousands of page and knew they were accurate and factual.

SS: But Duke didn’t give you the time to present these documents.

AJ: No, he used a politician tactic to avoid the question.

SS: Yes, he is a very polished politician. Presents himself well, to hide the pure evil of his true wolf form. Would you like to meet his tailor?

AJ: I wouldn’t trust his tailor as far as I could throw him.

SS: His tailor could be in on the rituals.

AJ: Look, folks, I don’t know if David Duke’s tailor is in on the rituals. But we need to ask questions as to why they are doing these rituals in the first place, and how it relates to the chemtrails and the fluoride in the water, the depopulation of Africa.

SS: During the interview, did you feel in charge?

AJ: I was doing my best to talk about the real issues – that the German death cult controls everything, how they’re working with the Saudis and the Chinese government and Bill Gates to do eugenics with vaccines in Africa, and how the cops are planning to kill us all in abandoned Wal-Marts to do eugenics because of the Georgia Guidestones. I wanted to get into the meat and potatoes of what’s really going on, and get into Duke’s opinion on chemtrails and crisis actors.

But David Duke is a big guy for me, and he hijacked the narrative, tried to blame the Jews because he stubbed his toe. It was all just Jews, Jews, Jews.

SS: You mentioned twice during the debate that you were getting a headache, and once that you felt nauseous. Do you think Duke could have been using a mind-beam on you? Something like HAARP?

AJ: I just follow the facts. We know they have these technologies they can use to read you mind with satellites. The cops have vans they drive around in neighborhoods with beams that can look through your walls so they can film you masturbating. I have the documents –

At this point Jones began to get up and move towards his filing cabinets, but I told him I was already aware of the conspiracy by the cops to drive around in vans and look through people’s walls to film them masturbating.

SS: Do you believe that Duke’s shape-shifting ability is magical, or is he a creature from another dimension?

AJ: Look, folks, I just go where the information leads me, and I personally witnessed David Duke shape-shift into a wolf. I don’t know if it was magic, or if he is a being from another dimension. I just stick to the facts.

SS: You mention often that Germans are trying to kill you. Because your wife, Rebecca Nichols, is Jewish, you and your family are de facto citizens of Israel. Do you ever consider relocating to Tel Aviv, as your safety is under constant threat from Germans?

Alex Jones' Jewish wife Rebecca Nichols
Alex Jones’ Jewish wife Rebecca Nichols

AJ: Look, I’m for America. I’m for the Constitution and freedom. I think we need lower taxes, we need to focus on stopping these rituals. I think Rand Paul can save us and stop these Illuminati rituals, stop the plan by the cops to kill us all in abandoned Wal-Marts for eugenics as part of a German ritual.

But I’m staying here in America, I’m going to go down with the ship fighting for free humanity because humanity is rising and the Germans know we’re winning. If things get too hot, I might move my family to Tel Aviv. Rebecca is looking into beachside property there. But, you know, Palestinian infants and toddlers are working with the Germans to try and take down free humanity through rituals. I have the documents. It’s all admitted. Hitler himself wrote about how he loved death, and how he felt a closeness to Palestinian toddlers and the Chinese government because they too knew the secret rituals.

So nowhere is safe, folks, not even a beachside condo in Tel Aviv. We have to rise up as free humanity and stop this German death cult which controls everything.


Rob Jacobson has confirmed that the David Duke interview will never be discussed again on the Alex Jones Show, so as the shape-shifter can’t gain control over free humanity. However, Neo-Nazi White Supremacists at the Daily Stormer continue to use their “Troll Army” to attempt to force Jones into another dangerous confrontation.