Alex Jones Now Embracing Calls for Tech Regulation

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 5, 2018

Alex Jones had freedom-champion Andrew Torba on his show recently to call for regulation on the internet that would force companies to allow free speech.

Jones is a recovering libertarian who would previously have taken the kike position of “oh but muh private company tho.” The same libertarian position that the “BAKE THE CAKE BIGOT” people are now taking with regards to internet censorship. The idea being argued is that because the internet is controlled by private companies, being completely banned from everything is okay because the government didn’t do it.

If you follow that through, the tech industry is the single major industry that does not have any government regulations, so by selectively refusing to legislate the tech industry, the government is actually making a decision that creates the situation.

Furthermore, the idea that the internet is somehow the result of exclusively private enterprise is dumb. It was created by the government. These major companies have developed important aspects of their technology through public-private partnerships. The government largely paid for the infrastructure which allows tech companies to deliver their content.

The “private companies” argument also stops making sense at some point, because all grocery stores are privately owned, meaning that in theory, if all grocery stores decided you can’t use their services because you’re a bigot or whatever, you could starve.

Of course then they would tell you “just go grow your food on a farm, BIGOT!” – and that would actually be a much more reasonable demand than telling people that if they want free speech they have to create their own internet.

Libertarianism is stupid and the fact that the same people who want to force Christians to bake anal cakes are using an extreme libertarian position to support internet censorship of politically incorrect views should tell you how stupid it actually is.

Regardless of Jones’ libertarian bent, he is now on the “REGULATE THEM” train, because YouTube is threatening to completely destroy his business.

Calls for regulation of YouTube are now all over his website.

Of course, Jones was nowhere to be seen when the hammer came down on the Daily Stormer. The only people who defended me were Tucker Carlson and Sargon of Akkad.

EDIT: Paul Joseph Watson apparently did sent out a tweet back in August.

But it was never an issue on the show, he didn’t do a video, no article was published on – so basically that Tweet could be viewed as a tactical way to say “oh see we did say something look at this one tweet.”

But whatever.

I am glad to see Jones coming around.

This is actually yet another really positive aspect of the fallout from the attempt to shutdown guns after the Parkland shooting.

I have said since the censorship began that we should be pretending to be liberal kikes and calling for more and more censorship, so that it becomes a more mainstream issue. But it was bound to happen either way. The chilling effect of censoring anyone who says the word “Jew” would have been a good place from which to just say “okay, leave it there.” But it’s a slippery slope, and Jews cannot help themselves.

Jones is coming dangerously close to naming the Jew as he calls out the censorship.

Paul Joseph Watson did an interview with Breitbart last week where he referred to both the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center. These are both Jewish ethnic activist groups. They identify themselves that way. Their job is to shut down any speech which is viewed by Jews as threatening, and that includes any kind of right-wing speech – not simply speech which explicitly attacks them.

As I said to Alex and the rest of the cucks years ago: “you can ignore the Jew, but the Jew isn’t going to ignore you.”

What’s Next

Jones might have avoided a shutdown by making all this noise, but it’s coming either way.

Last week, a whole bunch of YouTube channels were shut down and then reactivated. It was all right-wing channels, including Warski Live and Sargon of Akkad. YouTube claimed that it was an accident, and reinstated the channels, but there was a very clear pattern in who they chose to shut down, and I have theorized that right now YouTube has a list of people they are planning to shut down and that some employee – probably an Indian – was confused about what the list was and thought he was supposed to immediately shut down everyone on it.

So everyone who got shut down and reactivated should be prepared. Although there isn’t really any way for these people to be prepared. They have created a business model by following old YouTube standards, which YouTube has changed at the behest of these Jewish activist groups.

I am glad that the Jews are intent on making everyone hate them. When AJ and these people are all talking about the ADL and SPLC, and people look those organizations up and find that they are Jewish ethnic advocacy groups, they are at least going to have a flash thought of: “oh maybe this is part of what that whole ‘Anti-Semitism’ phenomenon is about…”

Since August when the clampdown began in earnest, American views with regards to regulation of the tech industry have changed dramatically.

As the situation stands right now, losing really is winning, and the more people are shut down the closer we get to regulation.