Alex Jones Now Censored by Spotify! After YouTube and Facebook!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 2, 2018

Though Alex Jones did not defend me when I was censored – only Tucker and Sargon did – I will continue to defend him when he is censored.

Though he was a fool for not standing by me when I became the most censored man in all of history.

It was obvious at the time that he was the logical next step.

This situation echos Tommy Robinson not defending the likes of Joshua Bonehill and Jez Turner when they were sent to jail for politically correct speech and then ending up in jail himself.

This is the third major platform to deplatform Infowars, following YouTube and Facebook.

CBS News:

Spotify has deleted several episodes of the podcast hosted by Alex Jones, an Austin, Texas-based right-wing conspiracy theorist and founder of Infowars, after a backlash on social media this week over the distribution of his episodes as other websites removed some of his content. Last week, Facebook suspended his personal page and removed four of his videos, and YouTube removed four of his videos for violating the site’s community guidelines.

The specific podcast episodes deleted by Spotify were determined by the music streaming service to include hate speech. Dozens of episodes of Jones’ podcasts remain available on the site.


“We take reports of hate content seriously and review any podcast episode or song that is flagged by our community. Spotify can confirm it has removed specific episodes of ‘The Alex Jones Show’ podcast for violating our hate content policy,” the company said in a statement late Wednesday.

In response, Jones said Spotify’s move was “what I expect.”

“I was born in censorship. I was born being suppressed,” he said.

See, he is even using our memes now.

AJ is getting on-board now that he divorced his kike wife and got sued for anti-Semitism by his kike producer.

He’s also getting sued by the kike ADL for using Pepe on a meme poster.

We taught an old dog some new tricks. Or the Jews themselves taught him their own tricks – to be more specific.

Of course, we are the ones that were actually born in censorship. I was kicked off of everything before this site was a year old.

I built a model capable of dealing with that and still getting my message out – so then they invented a bunch of new types of censorship against me. And due to our guy weev, we were able to circumvent that and we are still rocking on.

But Alex is going to have a serious problem.

Most of his media empire is dependent on social media. His actual website doesn’t have much more traffic than this one does. And he has 50-odd employees and a gigantic studio – whereas I have a laptop, a volunteer IT genius and a couple of underpaid but highly-devoted writers.

The good news is: the more censored Alex is, the more hardcore he is going to get.

He might well go into full ultra-mode.

Imagine this plus a beard:


Where does corporate censorship go after Alex Jones? 

Is cable TV going to shut off Fox News?

The Jews have decided that no voice of opposition – any form of opposition – to their agenda can be allowed. They have already made that decision. Because of the Trump phenomenon driving them insane and because there are simply too many goyim knowing.

The Trump administration needs to act NOW.

Twitter is already meddling in the 2018 elections by censoring conservative accounts AND the politicians themselves, as Trump has noted. He also said this was illegal.

It’s not clear if it is actually illegal right now (as far as I understand, tech companies operate under a kind of anarcho-capitalist rule, where they are not regulated in any way and are just allowed to censor anyone they want for any reason), or if he is saying it is illegal according to a law he is getting ready to create.

All he has to do is give the signal to Ajit Pai.

The FCC has total ability to regulate these companies, without asking permission from congress or any judge.

It is as simple as a 15 second call: “yo Ajit, write up regulations saying major tech companies have to respect the First Amendment and aren’t allowed censor for political reasons. K thx bye.”

Ajit knows what to do.

He already cited the Daily Stormer in the FCC filing announcing the repeal of Net Neutrality, saying that it is tech companies, not ISPs, that are doing the censoring.

He understands what the thing is, and he doesn’t need anything more from Trump then an “activate it” order.

I don’t know why Trump hasn’t done this. He is going to have to do it at some point. My current thinking is that he is waiting for it to get worse – to get to the point where it is so insane, no one can defend it anymore.

All I really wanted was my .com back. But in the end, I might get my Twitter, Facebook and YouTube accounts back. Because the Jews have pushed this too hard.