Alex Jones’ Mischling Son Rex Jones Claims People Who Expose “The Evil Jews” Have Small Penises

Lee Rogers (with Staff)
Daily Stormer
August 26, 2019

The Jew Rex Jones says you have a small dick if you talk about “the evil Jews.”

It appears as if Alex Jones’ part-Jew son Rex Jones is on Twitter now. Even though Twitter has not verified his account, it’s reasonably safe to assume that the @rexjonesnews account is in fact him. It may seem strange that a relative of Alex Jones would not be banned for being related to such an evil man, but there he is.

Interestingly enough, Rex posted a number of tweets claiming that people who talk about “the evil Jews” or Jewish conspiracies have small dicks.

I’d like to know what exact experience he has that makes him think that people who talk about “the evil Jews” have small dicks.

Did he poll people who talk about “the evil Jews” and ask them questions about their penis size?

Did he have homosexual encounters with people who talk about “the evil Jews” and confirmed that they had small dicks?

I’m legitimately confused as to how he was able to come to such a clear and concise conclusion. Perhaps he could enlighten us.

Alex Jones’ Jewish ex-wife Kelly, mother of the Jew Rex Jones.

Why are we talking about dicks?

It’s a fact that the vast majority of problems we have in the United States are because of Jews. The only reason Rex is saying this nonsense is because his mother is Jewish. By Jewish racial law that makes him Jewish.

It can’t be lost on Rex that all the big social media companies that banned his dad off of their sites are controlled by Jews or indirectly controlled by Jews. Facebook, Google and YouTube are all owned by Jews. Twitter might not be owned by Jews but they take orders from Jewish organizations like the Anti-Defamation League. And they were all pressured to ban him because of rabid coverage from Jew-run CNN.

But according to Rex, anybody who talks about these observable facts should be dismissed because they have a small dick. This is not a tangible argument of any kind.

To be clear, Rex’ mother is only partially Jewish herself, though because her Jewishness is from her mother, she is also considered ethnically Jewish by rabbis. Genetically however, Rex only has one Jewish grandparent, which puts him on the right side of the Nuremberg Laws.

If Rex wanted to build up good will among right-wingers for partial Jews such as himself, he very easily could simply publicly state that he does not identify as Jewish or just avoid the issue entirely. But for some reason, most people with any ounce of Jewish identity appear to be inclined to shill for the Jews.

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