Alex Jones Links George Soros to Nazis While Failing to Mention That He’s a Jew

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
January 18, 2015

Each time I see this image it puts 6 million smiles on my face.

Alex Jones looks like a broken man.  You can just tell by his body language in this video.  He knows that he’s been fully exposed as a shill for the Jewish establishment and that his days are numbered.

For nearly two decades Jones has done everything in his power to misdirect well meaning people from looking into Jewish power and international Zionism.  This video which the Jones media operation calls “Darth Soros: Modern Day Nazi Fuhrer” is just another example.

He spends nearly 15 minutes talking about the subversive Jewish billionaire George Soros without mentioning once that he’s Jewish.  While Soros is a demonic Jew who should be exposed, Jones misdirects his audience into believing that he is some sort of “Nazi” sympathizer if not an outright “Nazi” which makes no sense considering he’s Jewish.  The fact that Soros is a Jew is a much more important fact to understand, considering the Jewish domination over Western countries.

The good news is that at least half the YouTube comments are asking why Jones is failing to mention that he’s Jewish.  They are also questioning his deranged obsession with linking people in the Jewish power structure to “Nazis.”  This video should be trolled.  Please consider it if you have the time.