Alex Jones Lays Out Why He’s Been Forced to Turn Against Trump (Finally)

It’s not the most interesting thing in the world, but it is notable that Alex Jones has finally issued a full denunciation of Donald Trump, due to his continual vax shilling.

Remember that Alex Jones was effectively an employee of the Trump Administration, functioning as a surrogate.

Jones has of course complained about Trump’s vax shilling since the beginning, all the way back when Trump announced the “warp speed” vaccine, but on Friday, he issued a full, official denunciation.

You’re going to see more of this.

Trump is going to try to stage some kind of comeback in 2022 (not really sure how, since he’s so censored), and he’s going to find that the interest just isn’t there. The energy of the MAGA movement always came from the base, and with this inexplicable vax shilling, Trump has projectile vomited all over his core base of supporters.

There is a 100% overlap with Trump’s base and anti-vaxers. His agenda to push this vax is insane, and not explainable through any normal process.

I recently mused on it on the Gamer Uprising Forum:

I think it’s also possible he’s got a lot of Pfizer stock and might even be a paid Pfizer bagman.

What I don’t think is possible is that he isn’t aware that his entire base hates this. He might believe that “I could promote the vax on Fox News for two hours a week” is like “I could shoot someone on fifth avenue.”

He’s also really old and has eaten garbage his entire life, so I think it’s pretty fair to suggest his mind isn’t as clear as it was in 2016.

But yeah, one of his “trusted advisors” coming to him and saying “I’m hearing talk that you’re a lot less likely to get pulled up on charges if you’re on-sides with the vax” is not an outrageous theory either.

As far as wanting it to be an accomplishment – he could just as easily have said that they changed the vaccine that he made. There have been lots of things he considered accomplishments that he stopped talking about because people hated it. Releasing all those drug dealers being the most obvious, maybe.

Moreover, he doesn’t really need an “accomplishment,” because Joe Biden has completely destroyed the country. If Trump was worried about popularity and really thinks he’s going to run and win in 2024, he could rightfully in a fair system win on “hey – I’m not Joe Biden.”

That’s just spitballing of course – I have no idea what he’s doing.

But I know he’s completely destroyed his entire legacy, aggressively. Most of his core supporters are in the process of viewing him as an enemy agent and a traitor.

I’ve labeled him the biggest traitor in all of human history, and I’ve yet to have anyone come up with anyone who compares to him.

This man is going to the deepest and darkest part of hell.