Alex Jones Launches Free Speech RED PILL Campaign – STORMERS JOIN WITH HIM!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 9, 2018

We knew that being censored by kikes would push Alex over the edge.

It’s already happening.


He’s calling for a nationwide RED-PILLING of the mesmerized goyim!


As the past days have made clear, Infowars is the forbidden information the globalists don’t want you to have.

Youtube, Facebook, Apple, Google and others have declared war on free thought, and they’re determined to use their algorithms to censor other conservative voices.

In light of the coordinated blacklisting by big tech monopolies, Infowars is going low-tech and grassroots to circumvent their digital censorship.

Use your own design, or print out ours and post in your area:

Download large .pdf (2550×3300) 32.6MB

Post photos of your efforts on social media under the hashtag #FreeInfowars or #IamAlexJones.

Remember to place them in legal and lawful areas and abide by all local ordinances when displaying your posters. Some places you might post them include entertainment venues, eateries, bars or other public commons areas where posters are already featured.

As always, we here at Infowars salute you, our humble audience, and are deeply grateful for your continued support.

That is one big sonovabitching pdf file, motherfucker.


Here it is as a PNG.

I fully support this campaign.

Of course, we could also make ones that say “Daily Stormer stands with Alex Jones.”

I don’t have time to do that right now, just like Jones apparently didn’t have time to tell some asshole intern not to make his poster a THIRTY-TWO-POINT-SIX MEGABYTE png file.

I don’t even have any interns except a Romanian village boy who refuses to do anything I command him to do, and simply does things of his own accord, enough of which things align with my wishes that I keep him on staff.

While the asshole intern was learning to make pdf files, Jones was hiding out in a forest, presumably being hunted by vicious Chinamen.

He delivered a message on the only platform left for him: Twitter.

He’s best to use that while he can. Because @jack will crack. He won’t even crack, because he doesn’t have a spine or any other bones in his body, he will just be pressed through a mesh.


I support this campaign, and STRONGLY encourage all Stormers to get the word out about Jones’ situation in any way they can.

Forgiveness Doesn’t Mean Forgetting

As the reader who has been around for a year or more shall recall, I was super-duper fucking ultra-pissed to the max that Alex Jones didn’t make an issue of it when I became the most censored person in all of history.

I said to Alex and Molyneux and all of these “one step to the left” people that they were next, and they should all be rallying around me. I invited Alex to talk to me privately, pointed out the fact that I have NEVER divulged anything told to me in confidence, or any individual who has contacted me in confidence – and have never been accused of that thing – but was not contacted.

He also could have talked about it without talking to me. He could have done the whole “I’m against the Nazis and blah blah blah but free speech” – instead, he was completely silent on my unpersoning, as was Stefan Molyneux.

I am still mad about this, to be honest.

And I am mad that he is now saying he is the first person this has happened to. Because that just isn’t true.

However, though I will never forget, I have done my best to forgive, and realize that we now have to rally around Alex Jones.

Big names – including Donald Trump’s son, Nigel Farage, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, etc. – are coming out in support of Jones, and saying that this means tech platforms have to be regulated to protect free speech.

And hey guys – guess what?

There is no such thing as “hate speech.” The Jews haven’t defined this. They haven’t even defined anti-Semitism or racism. Or any of these other weird, Orwellian buzzwords.

So we can all ride on the back of Alex Jones’ large, fat back.

If laws protecting free speech are enacted, we are all going to get amnesty on Twitter and Facebook, they will have to give me back my fucking dotcom, everything good will happen. It will be like all your childhood memories of Christmas combined and then multiplied by six million.

Probably they will allow for rules about “targeted harassment,” because that is something you can actually define. But we WILL be able to say what we have to say publicly on these public platforms, and gather followings to share our ideas with.

So, if I can forgive Alex and climb up on his back and ride him like Master-Blaster – so can you.

Forget about any animosity you may have against Jones. Bury it.

Now is the time to stand behind him.

Or, as in the better metaphor, on his large, fat back.

We will feed him slices of squash as we ride (that isn’t a metaphor, I actually imagine he enjoys eating large pieces of uncooked squash).