Alex Jones Issues Challenge to Dr. David Duke

Andrew Anglin and William Martel
Daily Stormer
August 16, 2015

The Fat Man and his protector
The Fat Man and his protector

The Fat Man has issued a challenge to Dr. David Duke and his “White supremacist” comrades (i.e. us).

A man named Frank called into the Alex Jones show and mentioned Angelo John Gage. Jones then began talking about David Duke, soon devolving into an “epic rant” about the Ku Klux Klan.

While Frank told the truth we all know about how we as Whites are being persecuted by the establishment, Jones went on about how the “globalists” and their eugenicist agenda is designed to destroy everyone, not just White people.

In fact, the opposite is true.

The Jews are flooding our nations with non-Whites in order to ensure we Whites actually subsidize our own genocide by funding the welfare state and even the anti-White propaganda that brainwashes our own people into hating ourselves, ensuring we are too psychologically crippled to stand up and defend our race.

During his rant, Alex addresses accusations of him being a Jew and working for Israel or the Vatican as a shill. Just a quick note: I have never seen anyone accuse Jones of being a Jew. I have seen people state the accurate and indisputed fact that his wife and children are Jews, and that virtually all of his sponsors are Jewish. Also, I don’t hear anyone talking about the Vatican anymore, so that is yet another attempt to obfuscate what we are actually saying.

He does admit Whites are under attack, but then negates the relevance of that by claiming all races are under attack (even as the UN continues to fund the population explosion in Africa and demands that all White countries be flooded with brown people).

At one point, Alex literally says “I would love to talk to David Duke.”

I have yet to talk to Dr. Duke about this, but I am relatively certain that he would be more than happy to appear on the Alex Jones show and have a little debate about some of the disagreements Alex Jones has with we evil “White supremacists” who he claims want to murder babies.

This may not have been intended as a formal invitation, but an invitation it was nonetheless.

And we are going to hold him to it.

We want to see David Duke on the Alex Jones show.

We have definitely waited long enough for such an encounter.

We will wait for a response from the good Dr., but if an invitation to appear on the show is not issued by Jones promptly, the Stormer Troll Army is going to be deployed to put the pressure on.

We have questions, Mr. Jones.

And we want Dr. Duke to ask them. On air.

You will allow him to ask them, or this clip will be played into infinity of you claiming you’d have him on the show and then refusing to do so.

The choice is yours.


Editor’s note: For any video editing pros, a modified and shortened version of the above clip, which contains the challenge to Duke as well as the accusations of wanting to murder babies, a few of the other outrageous claims, would be great. Multiple versions would be good. The Fat Man just dug his own oversized grave.