Alex Jones is Once Again Promoting the Illuminati Tinfoil-Artist Fritz Springmeier

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
August 19, 2014

Alex Jones talks with Fritz Springmeier one of the few people in the world who might be more insane than Jones is.

There is no question that the Alex Jones radio broadcast is continuing to get increasingly more insane.  I am still trying to determine who is crazier.  Is it Alex Jones?  Or is it the people who willingly work for this man despite the lies, exaggerations and psychotic fantasies that he promotes on his show?

With that said, Jones has proven his insanity once again by deciding to have the Illuminati conspiracy author Fritz Springmeier back on his show.  Springmeier is best known for his book “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” which describes in great detail the important bloodlines that he claims control the world.  He has also authored books on “Illuminati mind control” and other highly speculative topics.

Back in March 2012, Springmeier appeared on Jones’ show and claimed without any proof that there are transgenerational elites who are living hundreds of years.  So according to him, there are people currently walking around the planet who are 200, 300 or maybe even 400 years of age.  It’d be one thing if he said that he was speculating – which is what I’ve done on radio shows many times – but instead he states this as if it were a fact.  Needless to say, this is insane.  Here is his exact quote that he makes 1:50 into this audio archive.  Hat tip to Jason Erb for originally posting this information.

Well, I know of cases — and I don’t know the reason why it’s very selective — but there are selective individuals that are actually living hundreds of years. They’re living transgenerational. But this is a very guarded secret, and, I don’t think I’ve ever said what I just said publicly, because they’re pretty sensitive about that particular issue.

[This is almost as crazy as promoting Rand Paul and Ted Cruz as the saviors of freedom. –Ed.]

In the same interview, Jones and Springmeier would bash German National Socialism and falsely equate it to the Jewish dominated system that the United States exists under today.  I could only stomach watching a few minutes of this clip, so I have no idea how many falsehoods and deceptions are included.

On Springmeier’s recent Jones’ show appearance he makes more ridiculously deranged statements.  He claims that the people leading the riots in Ferguson, Missouri are under some sort of Illuminati mind control.  He promotes the depopulation conspiracy – which has clearly failed miserably, given that Africa’s population is expected to explode over the next century.  He even talks about plagues spreading around the world.  Of course, all of this is because of the Illuminati who control everything that ever happens.  I may have missed some of his other crazy statements but if you start at 24:35 in the below clip you’ll get to hear most of the ones that I was able to catch.

Just based upon what is documented here, the average person would probably believe that Springmeier should be committed in a mental institution.  It is no wonder why he and Jones get along so well, because they both seem to be very skilled at making up all sorts of fantasy delusions.

It is also worth reiterating that the Illuminati is only real in the sense that it is an umbrella term to describe different secret societies that appear to have similar goals.  There is no substantive proof that the Illuminati exists today as an operating entity.  Even if it does exist, it is of little consequence considering that we can more easily identify that there is a well-defined Jewish power structure controlling important institutions throughout the West.  Much of Springmeier’s work, which operates under the assumption that the Illuminati is a real organization, seems to be designed to misdirect people into all sorts of weird speculative areas.

Lastly, in 2002, Springmeier was supposedly put in jail due to his alleged connection to some sort of armed robbery.  Some of his supporters claim that he was setup by the Illuminati because his work exposed them.  Quite frankly this sounds ridiculous, but I honestly don’t care either way.  Just based on the things I’ve heard this man say, I can’t believe that anyone would take him seriously.  The circumstances surrounding his alleged arrest and alleged imprisonment just don’t seem to matter considering that he discredits himself entirely through his own statements.

[He also bombed a porno store.  Or so says the Illuminati police. –Ed.]

Despite all of the madness that surrounds this man, Jones is selling his book and is planning on interviewing this nutcase on future broadcasts.  I find it humorous that Jones is doubling down on all of this Illuminati garbage with the recent Mark Dice interview and now this appearance by Springmeier.  It is of particular interest considering that we have been exposing all the futility that comes with this type of speculative information.  We need to deal with the Jewish power structure first, and if after that we find substantial proof that a secretive group called the Illuminati exists, we’ll figure out what to do about it then.  Until that time comes, most of this Illuminati material being pushed by people like Springmeier has little if any redeeming value.

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