Alex Jones Interviews David Icke on the Mega-Hoax Agenda

David Icke is 100% on the ball on this virus hoax. Alex Jones is significantly less so.

Icke knows that there is no virus, and in his recent interview with Jones, he took some shots, a la “even if you believe there is a virus, and obviously I don’t.”

Alex went all in on “CHINESE BIOWEAPON” from the start, and has been dealing with the fallout of that moronic opening narrative for two years.

Anyway, Alex is on it with a lot of the details of the vax, and overall, I think it’s a pretty great interview which has a lot of information you might not have heard. In particular, the information showing that the vax is killing so very many people. There are new details about that which they go over.

Alex had a stack of important information, including the fact that the government is saying they’re going to take 55 years to release the data about the effects of the deadly vax. Also, the vax doubles your chances to mysteriously die.

He’s always got a stack of printed news articles, this Jones guy.

Towards the end of the interview, Alex asked Icke about the Metaverse.

He gets a little bit kooky in that part. I didn’t really understand this, but Icke seems to actually believe that the Matrix movies were like a documentary, and we actually do literally live in a computer simulation. I… don’t agree with that.

Alex said he brought Icke on because of a recent talk Icke gave about the Zuckerverse. Here’s that talk.

Again, that goes a little bit too far for me.

But hey – it’s better to go too far than not far enough, I think.

They also discussed a recent anti-hoax rally that Icke spoke at. Here’s that speech.

Frankly, these “conspiracy theorists” are making a lot more sense than so-called white nationalists these days. White nationalists, in fact, seem to be a bunch of losers and retards, as well as shills. I see these people shilling the vax, or saying that the virus hoax doesn’t really matter.

I don’t care about anything other than the vax. It’s literally the single issue that matters. So anyone fighting against that is on my team.

Of course, Icke has also always been on the ball on the Jew issue, accurately stating that Jews are shape-shifting reptilian satanists from another dimension.

Basically, David Icke was right about virtually everything.

Except that time he said that the Moon was a hollow satellite from Atlantean times. I don’t think that was correct.

But again, his thing is that he goes a little bit too far.