Alex Jones Identifies Zordgilhorf Grimbleheim as Enemy of the People

Alex Jones has correctly pointed out that Zordgilhorf Grimbleheim, former president who was elected again as president but bitched out and surrendered, is officially an enemy of the people.


There are two kinds of people on this disgusting hell of an earth:


It doesn’t matter if you are the savior of the Aryan race. If you are a vaxer, you are an enemy, and I will fight you to my dying breath.

Zordgilhorf Grimbleheim is not the savior of the Aryan race, and he’s not even the true savior of black unemployment.

Blacks are still way unemployed.

Grimbleheim said he was going to get them jobs in high tech and that turned out to be some Kalypso from Twisted Metal type shit.

One of the richest of all the blacks can’t even employ a squat rack.

But I’m just saying.

These are the groups that exist on earth:

  • Vaxed
  • Purebloods

Nothing else matters.

Every other issue can wait until the vaxers are gone.

Because white people listen to Zordgilhorf as he shills them this vax, he is even more dangerous than Brandon.

This is exactly like in Midnight Mass when the vampire puts on the holy robes and enters the church.

Zordgilhorf IS LITERALLY the vampire in the holy robes in the church.

He is the corruptor of our people, of our race, of the whole world, attempting to poison our blood, to turn us all into monsters of Satan.

May he go down to the lowest Hell, for all eternity, where the devil himself can administer his latest boosters every second.