Alex Jones Hosts Israel Debate Between Nick Fuentes and Robert Barnes

Alex Jones this week hosted an awesome debate between Nick Fuentes and Robert Barnes on America’s relationship with Israel.

Fuentes is the host of America First and Barnes is a right-wing lawyer who does YouTube commentary.

It was a fascinating exchange, if only to see how weak Barnes’ arguments in support of Israel actually are. But the bigger implications are incredible: we are finally having this discussion in the mainstream of the alternative media: what is the deal with these Jews?

I want to say that I like Robert Barnes, and I actually had no idea he was an Israel shill. It was shocking to see, actually, because he’s a smart guy and I just don’t think it’s possible he actually believes this stuff. At one point, he said that the “deep state” is against Israel!

If you want to watch this with your friends, you can play a drinking game where you drink every time Barnes says “Islamo-fascism.” You will all pass out about 20% of the way through. I have never heard someone say “Islamo-fascism” that many times.

It’s fun to watch, but if you’re up on this stuff, you probably won’t learn anything new. The Israel First movement is barely managing to tread water.

Perhaps the most interesting part was the post-debate, where Owen Shroyer took calls from the audience responding to the debate. They were universally on Nick’s side. No one supports Israel anymore. Alex Jones tended to support Israel because he had a boomer audience, but I think those boomers are either dead or have given up by now.

Basically, the evangelical Judeo-Christians promised that America would be blessed if we supported Israel in their wars in the Middle East. If you look around America, you can see that this was a lie. We spent trillions fighting these Jewish wars, we made the whole world hate us, our boys died and were maimed – and we’re not seeing a lot of blessing from that sacrifice we made for these Jews. At this point, the Judeo-Christian movement is very small compared to what it was. It is no longer a relevant political force.

The Judeo-Christians are also not gaining any new followers. Their children mostly became atheists because the fake religion was so dumb. Now, many children raised by Judeo-Christians are realizing that the boomers and the Silent Generation really mutilated the religion of our ancestors, and we are beginning to build it back.

There is no future for any pro-Israel right-wing movement. Everyone sees now that these Jews are just making all of these outrageous demands, and offering us nothing in return. At one point in the debate, Barnes asked if America would be better off if Israel disappeared tomorrow, and Nick said: “yes.”

What is the argument against that? These people will just keep saying “they’re the only democracy in the Middle East,” but why does that matter? Why does the Middle East need a democracy? Even if we need to get oil from the Middle East (which we don’t need to do), we don’t need a democracy to broker that for us. We can buy oil from Arabian dictators. We already do that now.

Barnes is having a tough time in the polls.

No one can explain what Israel is offering, because they’re not offering anything. The reason the right-wing in America supported Israel was because of televangelist heretics claiming Jews are God’s Chosen People™. This claim is not only false, it is heresy.

But if you remove that religious gibberish, you have a foreign nation that has hijacked our government and is using it for their own nefarious purposes, while draining our blood. There is no argument.

Alex Jones hosting this debate was a major step in the right direction. I don’t think Alex ever loved Israel, he was just going along with what he thought people wanted to hear. Now, he’s backing away from the Israel stuff and putting America First.

Unfortunately, Barnes is just calling Fuentes a Nazi as he blocks everyone on Twitter.

He even blocked Nick personally, which is not a good look after having claimed victory in the debate.

I hope Barnes comes around. I like him. Honestly, I’ve only seen a few of his interviews, but I thought he had really great analysis on a couple of political things. I wondered why more people weren’t aware of him. I guess it’s because he’s an Israel shill, so people just go ahead and dismiss everything else he says.

But it is a fact that there is simply no future for any right-winger trying to push this Israel First line.

If you just look at the ratings difference between Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson, you can see that the total audience for this Jew-worship stuff is drying up.