Alex Jones Goes All-In on Scalia Death Conspiracy

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 17, 2016

Alex Jones is going all-in on the theory that Justice Scalia was murdered by… the German Death Cult or whoever.

I myself am not convinced.

The idea he was smothered with a pillow seems very unlikely. He did have a pillow on his face, apparently. But I sometimes put a pillow over my face when I sleep. It keeps the light from your eyes in the morning. He also could have just rolled under it or whatever.

It is weird that they came out so early and said it was natural causes, and it is weird that they are not doing an autopsy. Gotta say.

I suppose they could have come out and said it was natural causes early because they didn’t want rumors to start. But not doing the autopsy? Why?

The other thing to consider here is that in all likelihood the Republicans are going to block an Obama nomination, making the conspiracy theory make less sense, as it doesn’t serve a clear purpose.