Alex Jones Gets “Blooded In” to Nazi Terror Gang By Extremist Leader Gavin McInnes

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
December 15, 2018

Gavin McInnes appeared on the Alex Jones show on Thursday.

Alex Jones has officially gone through the official ritual beating to be “blooded in” to the Neo-Nazi terrorist gang The Proud Boys.

As I understand it, the punching is only the first phase.

The second phase, I assume, involves dildos.

Perhaps getting hit by dildos, even.

One thing is for sure, though.

Alex is now finally part of a White Supremacist gang. 

I knew the old buck had it in him!

I just wish Gavin wasn’t so rough on him. Alex has to play the role of the big baddy to keep the Globalists on their toes, but inside he’s a big teddy bear and everyone knows it. Those punches were uncalled for, really.

He hid the hurt well though, like a champ

Also, I get the feeling that Alex’s studio is going to become a refugee camp, a home away from home for censored Neo-Nazis like Gavin and, well, Alex himself.

With Gavin’s ban and then reinstatement on Youtube, inquiring minds are left wondering if the tech censorship will continue apace or not.

Because if Gavin is just barely across the line of what is considered politically acceptable by Big Tech, then many confused right-of-center online personalities will finally be able to adjust their sails and adjust their scripts to stay within the new acceptable limits.

It could be the big break that a lot of these people are waiting for. 

It’s one thing to be censored for breaking a taboo that you know exists and that everyone knows exists, but it is far more worrying and anxiety-inducing to be constantly on the hook for a sliding scale of standards that no one knows or understands fully. Because then you’re at the complete mercy of tech oligarchs. Having a set of guidelines really helps these more… hmm, what’s the word I’m looking for… profit-driven individuals.

Bad for us though. 

It might mean that the tech monopolies are going to let up a bit, boil the frog slowly, let some steam escape, etc.

Or it might not, actually. It helps to remember that these corpo-bosses see themselves more as religious preachers than business leaders.

Like Tyrell from Blade Runner

Their moral outrage might get the better of them over the next controversy and they will almost assuredly return to their purging behavior with the same zeal. This progressive thing is now capable of operating on its own outrage-driven inertia. Even if the media and the kike leaders call on these people to slow down and chill out with some of their more extreme demands, at this point the genie is out of the bottle, the golem has awoken, etc.

The brainwashed progressives actually believe their bullshit and demand more and more PC concessions every single year. 

This is just a lull in the repression.

Although if I’m being honest, I think Gavin might be a bad influence on Alex and move him towards Neo-Nazi ideology – which I have always disavowed because of its bad optics.

Alex would be better off becoming a Neon-Nazi, instead. And if he wanted to join our gang of friendly nationalists instead of Gavin’s extremist fringe outfit, I know for a fact that we would neither hurt the poor guy nor engage in bizarre “blooding in” rituals involving hammer-fists to the upper body and hammer-dildos to the lower.

But whatever. 

Alex will eventually get tired of Gavin and see the flickering neon light beckoning him home…